The celebrations honouring Mare de Déu de Loreto will run from August 26th to September 8th

The Commission presented the Fester Book, a “little treasure that captures the history, culture, devotion and joy of the Xabieros”.

Friday 11th August 2023
Mike Smith

The Fiesta Commission of the Mare de Déu de Loreto has presented the Official Book of the celebrations of the Duanes de la Mar neighbourhood that will be held from August 26th to September 8th.

José Erades, a member of the Fiesta Commission, explained that this commemorative book is a small treasure that captures the history, culture, devotion and joy of the people of Xàbia with several interesting articles.

For 2023 the ‘mayorales‘ and ‘mayoralesas‘ are Isabel Cardona Iglesias and Ángel Cardona Devesa; Irene Cardona Iglesias and Sergio Cruañes Buigues; Ainara Pastor García and Fernando Serrano Osca, Manel Guardiola Pastor and Paula Guardiola Pastor, Rubén Bisquert Ferrer and Mireya Ferrer Ribes, Teresa Victoria Bertomeu Monllor and Aaron Serrano Osca, José Antonio Sapena Gallego and Loreto García Llidó. These young people will be the main representatives of the celebrations.

The president of the Fiesta Commission, Vicente Gavilà, explained that the fiesta programme “has been designed for all audiences and ages”, is “participative and open” and has the “invaluable collaboration of the peñas marineras, the shops and sports clubs”.

The president also explained that some of the events have a long affiliation with the celebrations such as the Children’s Drawing Contest, celebrating its 30th editions, the Chess Championship (30th edition) and the Cycle Race and Road Running Race organised by Peña La Bufa, both of which are celebrating more than 40 years as part of the festivities.

Mavi Pérez, the councilor for Culture and Festivities, added that the programme includes “diverse activities, festive events that are increasingly integrative and inclusive”.

Mayoress Rosa Cardona thanked the work of the Fiesta Commission and “all those people who have collaborated to to put together the programme”. She added that the festivities of the Mare de Déu de Loreto “are very rooted in the neighbourhood of Duanes de Mar and throughout Xàbia and have been honoring the Virgin for more than a century” and invited residents and visitors alike “to enjoy these fiesta days”.