Ravines and gulleys are also being prepared for the late summer storms

The Department of Services has begin the annual clearing campaign of ravines and storms drains across the municipality to try to reduce the danger of flooding in event of the arrival of heavy rains which are typical of late summer in our region.

Councillor Kika Mata (Services) explained that the clearing work has begun on the ravines of Tosalet and Puchol after which it will move to those on the slopes of the Montgó. The tasks will include the clearing and removal of vegetation that could hinder the passage of the floodwater as it flows down the ravines.

Preventative cleaning of gutters and drains to reduce the accumulation of rainwater in the streets is also being carried out, with work beginning on the most problematic areas such as Avenida de la Fontana in the Arenal zone and Vía Augusta.

SOURCE: Press Release – Office of the Mayor