Still storm damaged, the Cala del Ministro a year later

The concrete surface has been lifted in many places and has still not been repaired.

Tuesday 2nd February 2021 | CARLOS LÓPEZ (Xàbia AL DÍA)

A few days ago it was one year since Storm Gloria destroyed a large part of the coastline of the entire Comunidad Valenciana and left unforgettable images.

In Xàbia, the Council worked hard to repair all the damages as soon as possible, although in some areas, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the process was delayed more than normal, as in the Arenal beach.

But there is a place where the traces of the heavy seas caused by that storm are still visible. It is the tip of the Cala del Ministro, next to the entrance to the Canal de la Fontana. The area that was paved by the canal concessionaire during its renovation works, has parts where the concrete has been lifted.

Likewise, the stone wall that the provincial headquarters of Costas built in Cala Blanca, and which announced that it would be removed as part of the recovery work after Storm Gloria, is still in place. XAD has verified this week that the wall is still in place, but what is not in place is the slope of the first cove, below the path that leads to the Mirador de les Caletes, which is in increasingly worse condition and represents greater danger.

What is also still in place are the rubble and remains of work that are in the Cala del Ministro.

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