Details have been published for application for financial assistance

The Generalitat Valenciana has released details of who can apply for aid and how the application process works.

Tuesday 2nd February 2021 | MIKE SMITH

The Generalitat Valenciana has approved the decree that regulates the specifications of funding worth some 80 million euros intended to support the economic viability of companies and self-employed workers affected by COVID-19 to strengthen their business and enable them to keep on their employees.

Who can benefit from this aid?

  • Companies and people included in the Social Security self-employed workers system who, as of February 2nd 2021, have at least one contribution account with registered employees within the Comunidad Valenciana.
  • People included within Social Security system for the self-employed who work within the Comunidad Valenciana.

The relevant economic activity codes are as follows (the descriptions have been left in the original language to avoid any ambiguity caused by mistranslation):

5510 – Hoteles y alojamientos similares
5520 – Alojamientos turísticos y otros alojamientos de corta estancia
5530 – Campings y aparcamientos para caravanas
5590 – Otros alojamientos
5610 – Restaurantes y puestos de comidas
5621 – Provisión de comidas preparadas para eventos
5629 – Otros servicios de comidas
5630 – Establecimientos de bebidas
5914 – Actividades de exhibición cinematográfica
7911 – Actividades de las agencias de viajes
7912 – Actividades de los operadores turísticos
7990 – Otros servicios de reservas y actividades relacionadas con los mismos
8230 – Organización de convenciones y ferias de muestras
9001 – Artes escénicas
9002 – Actividades auxiliares a las artes escénicas
9003 – Creación artística y literaria
9004 – Gestión de salas de espectáculos
9102 – Actividades de museos
9103 – Gestión de lugares y edificios históricos
9311 – Gestión de instalaciones deportivas
9312 – Actividades de los clubes deportivos
9313 – Actividades de los gimnasios
9319 – Otras actividades deportivas
9321 – Actividades de los parques de atracciones y los parques temáticos
9329 – Otras actividades recreativas y de entretenimiento

How much is the financial aid?

  • Companies or self-employed with employees: 600-12,000 euros
  • Self-employed: 600 euros

When and how to request the financial aid?

  • From 9.00am on Thursday 4th February 2021 to 11.59pm Wednesday 17th 2021.
  • Applications can be submitted electronically through the electronic portal of the Generalitat Valenciana using the procedure called “EMPCOV 2021 Apoyo a la viabilidad de empresas y personas trabajadoras en régimen de autónomo afectadas por la Covid-19.”

Information about the financial assistance available, as well as access to the electronic portal to make a request, can be found on the LABORA web page using the following link:

Required Documentation

1) Along with the application form, the following documentation will need to be provided:

a) details of the requested aid;

b) direct debit details;

c) responsible declaration of the minimum aid granted to the applicant during the previous two fiscal years and during the current fiscal year in accordance with the provisions of the second additional provision;

d) the form relating to representation, in the case of those applicants who don’t have an electronic signature and are acting through a representative.

2) The application must contain the express authorization of the applicant so that LABORA Servicio Valenciano de Empleo y Formación (hereinafter LABORA) can collect the following information from the General Treasury of Social Security:

a) status of registration in the RETA of the applicant and associated CNAE-09 code in which the activity of the self-employed worker is classified;

b) number of persons registered for whom there is an obligation to contribute according to the code of the type of contract of each of them and the CNAE-09 code in which the activity of the company is classified with respect to each code of contribution account.

3) Likewise, the express authorization of the applicant must be recorded so that LABORA can collect information on the following through the Autonomous Intermediation Platform (PAI) and other systems enabled for this purpose:

a) identity of the requesting individual and, where appropriate, of his representative;

b) certification from the State Tax Administration Agency regarding the registered address and the headings that appear in the IAE.

For more information, interested parties can contact CREAMA.