Sport in the Comunidad Valenciana looks at next steps as cases continue to fall

The experts evaluate how the opening of the restrictions in this area will be based on the epidemiological situation

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Tuesday 23rd February 2021 | MIKE SMITH

The regional Ministry of Health hosted a meeting of a technical work group with representatives of the sports sector in the Comunidad Valenciana to discuss the forthcoming de-escalation phase in this area.

The meeting was hosted by Ofelia Gimeno, the general director of Salud Pública, and Josep Miguel Moya, director-general of Sport, and was attended by Salvador Fabregat, president of the Confederation of Sports Federations in the Comunidad Valenciana (CONFEDEFOM), Miguel Ángel Nogueras, president of the Professional Sports Association (GEPACV), José Luis Herreros, president of Official College of Graduates in Physical Education and in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports of the Comunidad Valenciana (COLEFCV), Juan Carlos Gómez-Pantoja, elegate of the Federation of Sports Facilities Entrepreneurs, and Elena Tejedor, director of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation.

The purpose of the work group was to establish a roadmap for the progressive return of normality in the sporting sector and the meeting looked at how the restrictions which have effectively closed down sporting competition in the region can be lifted as the epidemiological situation improves.

The Health and Sports aims to meet again with representatives of the sector to maintain direct dialogue between all parties and promote communication in the different contexts derived by the pandemic.

This meeting follows the one held last week by Ana Barceló, the regional Minister for Health, and Vicent Marzá, the Minister for Education, Research, Culture and Sports.

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