Registration opens on August 1st for municipal sports schools

The council has also launched a publication that compiles all the offer in the municipality, the available facilities and the main competitions.

Thursday 28th July 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: Ajuntament de Xàbia

The Department of Sports in Xàbia has presented a publication which lists all the sporting offers available during the 2022-2023 season. The responsible councillor, Alberto Tur, explained that the magazine is intended to provide a global vision of sports schools, clubs, available facilities (and how to access them) as well as the main events of the annual calendar.

The councillor also highlighted that Xàbia has a great diversity in sports that sometimes makes it difficult to orient oneself about what’s on offer and the type of person that the offer is targeted. Thus, this document classifies the offers by age and needs as well as by the promoters of each of the activities.

In the case of those promoted by the town hall itself, the councillor explained that next Monday 1st August, registration for the municipal sports schools will open. There are several disciplines available such as badminton, paddle tennis, motor skills, psycho-sports, mountain biking, futsal, swimming and – as a novelty this year – initiation and improvement in skating. Registration, which must be done through the APP Sportia, will remain open until September 10th with a price of 70 euros per course.

At the adult level, under the “En Moviment” program, functional training, therapeutic swimming or swimming for adults, gap/aerobics and Zumba are offered, in addition to the Supera’t group aimed at people with functional diversity.

In this sense, the councilor has added that, in addition to the specific group (aimed above all at people with a degree of disability and autonomy that makes inclusion in another group difficult) which will be carried out in collaboration with the association “Condenados al Bordillo”, inclusive groups will also be formed at the same time and environment as the rest of the schoolchildren.

Tur talked about the other initiatives that the Department of Sports will be promoting throughout the year, such as the Xàbia Esports Educa program (within schools and free), the Dona i Esport cycle or Día de l’Esport and the Festa de l’Sport.

And to all this we must add the wide range that comes from clubs and groups specialized in martial arts, basketball, athletics, cycling, chess, pigeon farming, soccer, gymnastics, handball, hockey, mountaineering, nautical activities, pilota, rugby, volleyball or tennis, among others.

The sports publication also explains how to reserve municipal facilities such as the weight rooms, paddle tennis courts, the 8-a-side football pitch and the frontón, also through the Sportia APP.

Mayor, José Chulvi, highlighted the importance of having a guide like this in order to have all the wide and varied offer in Xàbia in a single medium, an activity declared essential in the pandemic. Chulvi has also highlighted the great work of the department led by Tur in making sport accessible to all and taking advantage of its potential as a tool for inclusion.

These magazines can be found in the different sports facilities, tourist offices and soon in the sports section of the municipal website.

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