Questions raised about the stalled auditorium project

Ciudadanos Xàbia asks that the Culture Council meets to learn about the details of the modification that will be made of the work of the auditorium.

The works of the Xàbia auditorium, in photo from last November

Thursday 24th February 2021 | Xàbia AL DÍA

The spokesperson for C’s in Xàbia, Enrique Escrivá, has issued a statement in which he summarizes his participation in the plenary session held this week, in which, among other issues, he asked the local government to convene the Cultural Council to “publicize, with total transparency, at what point is the construction of the new auditorium, which have been put on hold for eight months now ”.

The councilor of Cs has requested that, as soon as the project to modify the work of the Auditorium is given the green light, the most relevant aspects of the modified be explained to the Cultural Council, to its members and to those who want to attend of the works as they can be, “the final price that the xabieros will have to pay, how long the works will continue to be paralyzed, and how long will we have to wait to see a finished auditorium in Xàbia“.

Almost nine months have passed since the works were paralyzed by the construction company in what initially the mayor himself, José Chulvi, described as a “price controversy” between the Council and the company. Since then, there has been talk of a modification of the contract, of which in a meeting of the Culture committee, the councillor for Culture, Quico Moragues, assured that a report was still pending and that the file was a 1,400-page document.

In another matter, the spokesman for the C’s, proposed that the Council study the implementation of “a card for the purchase of sports equipment in the shops of Xàbia, from which local non-professional athletes can benefit in order to compensate in some way those who due to bureaucratic reasons, they have not been able to benefit from the subsidies granted“.

In this way, the councillor proposes a double-effect measure: on the one hand “to continue doing our bit to boost local commerce in Xàbia”, and on the other, “to continue helping non-professional athletes of Xàbia, since some have been waiting for their grant from the Council, without receiving a single euro ”.

According to Escrivá, “we once again send a message of support to the world of sport, which has put Xàbia on the map so many times and we reach out to those who have not yet reached the peak of their career, but have a future for ahead and it is our commitment not to leave them behind”.

The Cs spokesman urged the municipal executive to implement measures of this type as soon as possible, since “if there is political will, it should not be difficult to implement these aids, when similar measures are being implemented from other municipalities, and in Xàbia for months, the legal reserve is being sought to implement the consumer voucher campaign to boost local commerce“.

Finally, the councillor reported that he asked the local government about the measures it had adopted “to promote the construction of government subsidized housing in Xàbia, to immunize ourselves against the lack of alternative housing and the difficulties of emancipation of the young xabieros” and, specifically, Escrivá wanted to know if, “the Council has made municipal land available to the Generalitat Valenciana to build social housing, as announced“, a question to which, the person in charge of Urban Planning answered that no, despite having available land, there has not been any assignment, despite having announced it almost a year and a half ago.

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