Council looks to rent vehicles to transport its temporary workers

Temporary workers take on, amongst others, cleaning tasks in the forested areas of the municipality

Thursday 25th February 2021 | ALVARO MONFORT (Xàbia al DÍA)

Xàbia Council has put out to tender the rental of a small fleet of ten vehicles for the transport of temporary workers that have been taken on through the Public Employment Service. According to the tender specifications, “this increase in personnel demands the need for new vehicles with which to be able to move these employees to the places where the work will be carried out, which is normally several kilometres away from the municipal facilities“.

Therefore, the purpose of this procedure is that said personnel can travel to the areas of work and carry with them the necessary material to carry out their work during the period of the contract. The municipality will make an investment of 68,970 euros (including IVA) establishing the price of each vehicle at 570 euros per month for 10 months. The tender document makes it clear that the prices will not be revised.

On this occasion, the economic offer represents 100% of the global award criteria, the lowest offer being selected, as long as it does not incur a reckless withdrawal according to current legislation in this regard.

The rented vehicles will be used by the municipal works and gardening brigades. They will not require an dedicated driver and the council must have them available 15 days after signing the contract with the winning company. At the time of delivery, the vehicles must be registered, insured and with the proper circulation permit and the rest of the documentation updated.

The specifications detail the characteristics and benefits that these vehicles should have. Among them, that they are diesel minivans of a single brand (it is not specified that they can be ecological or hybrid models) and that six of them have five seats and rear cargo capacity and the other four, two seats with the rest of the vehicle enabled for the transport of materials.

In the event of a breakdown or accident that prevents the use of the vehicle for more than eight hours, the company must provide a vehicle with similar characteristics while the disabled one is out of service. The specifications specify how this replacement will be and how it will affect global billing if it does not occur. The winner of the contract must take care of its maintenance and repair due to wear and tear, including the renewal of the tyres every 40,000 km or if the wear of the inside of the wheel is less than 3mm, change of wheels due to punctures, batteries, etc.

In the transfer of these vehicles, the document indicates that they must be registered in the name of the lessor, in perfect condition of circulation, properly insured and include the registration costs and the annual fee of the Vehicle Circulation Tax.

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