PSOE Xàbia presents new executive for 2023 local elections

The mayor, José Chulvi, is re-elected Secretary General with the challenge of growing the group and achieving a fourth term

Thursday 28th April 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: press release – PSOE Xàbia

With just over a year to go until the next local elections, PSOE Xàbia has revealed its new executive which will be in charge of directing the different work areas of the socialist party to form their government proposal from May 2023.

The current mayor and Secretary General, José Chulvi, maintains the leadership of the party for the fourth time in a row as he continues to foster the trust that his colleagues first placed in him back in 2008. Since then, the PSOE has been the most voted party in each of the local elections that have been held in Xàbia, with three mayorships and two consecutive absolute majorities (in 2015 and in 2019), an unprecedented event in the municipality’s politics.

In addition, since 2008 the party has grown in number of members and, in the words of Chulvi himself “has been able to open up to all sectors of society, transversally, from dialogue and the desire to improve Xàbia, without excluding anyone or shy away from any debate.

He also explained that “the new executive combines the trajectory and experience of many years in municipal management as well as new additions from the business world, the primary sector and mutualism that will provide us with diverse points of view and will provide the extra energy and enthusiasm to renew a project that will continue to be a winner”.

During the assembly, the management of the current executive was presented and approved and a balance was made of the municipal situation, in which everything that has been achieved “in a context as difficult as the one left by the pandemic or, more recently, a war in Europe and a general rise in prices”. In this sense, Chulvi emphasized the achievements linked to urban reforms such as the pedestrianization of the first Muntanyar, the Duanes parking lot, the Freginal and Thiviers parks or the Montgó sewage networkin addition to strategic infrastructures such as the municipal swimming pool or actions on the entire coastline, such as those forced by Storm Gloria.

In addition, the meeting claimed that, with the PSOE at the head of the local government, a General Plan has been promoted that protects nearly 10 million square meters, a 17% drop in the Real Estate Tax has been approved and, to alleviate the effects of COVID, “the largest amount of public resources in the history of the City Council has been mobilized“.

Thus, the organization of the PSOE of Xàbia is as follows:

  • President: George Thomas
  • General Secretary: José Chulvi
  • Organization Secretary: Pepa Gisbert
  • Deputy Secretary General: Isabel Bolufer
  • Electoral Action and Programs: Javier Bonet
  • Municipal Politics and Youth: Ximo Segarra
  • Equality and Social Policies: Montse Villaverde
  • Education and Culture: Cesc Camprubí
  • Environment: Kika Mata
  • Sports: Marco Perry
  • Dynamization and Mobilization: Pepa Ferrero
  • Agriculture and Water: Pedro Cholbi
  • Economic Development: Alfonso Pinel
  • Attention to Militancy: Pilar González
  • Health: Rita Berruti.

In addition, Pepa Guardiola, Salvador López and Pilar Zamora will hold the position of members.

The re-elected Secretary General wanted to make an appeal to the membership and “to all those people who have in common the fact that they feel this town and want the best for themselves and their neighbours, regardless of the cards or ideologies, only the desire to work together for a kinder, more sustainable and prosperous future for all”.

Likewise, he recalled that the PSOE has been able to include different parties in its government: “we have been able to reach agreements with everyone, from the left to the right, because this is a project that does not seek enemies or confrontations. They will not find us in the fight, only at work for Xàbia. And there, from the firmness of our values ​​and our project, we will be able to reach the consensus that our people need”.

Finally, Chulvi sent a message of encouragement and work for the next electoral appointment and recalled that, since 2015, the PSOE has been the most voted party “in the Marina Alta, in the province of Alicante, in the Generalitat Valenciana and, now also, in the Spanish government. That means that we are doing things very well, and that we have to maintain the ambition to improve, but without losing sight of the fact that this is the policy, calm, realistic and with common sense that the majority asks of us”.