PP Xàbia proposes solution to problems of wet wipes in the river and on the beaches

The opposition party said that it is committed to the implementation of a waste filtration and retention system that is already working successfully in other municipalities in the province.

PHOTO SOURCE: xàbiaaldia.com

Tuesday 21st February 2023
Mike Smith

The Xàbia branch of the Partido Popular (PP) issued a statement this week in which it expressed its commitment to the implementation of a waste filtration and retention system to create a separation network of rainwater from sewage after recent storms saw the return of discarded wet wipes on the beaches of the town.

Spokesperson Rosa Cardona explained that the apathy of the Ministry of the Environment and the perceived indifference of the local government is preventing an effective integral water cycle from becoming a reality in Xàbia, claiming that it remains just “a story that the PSOE has been hawking for ten years”. She said that the problem must be faced now but pointed out that the Special Sanitation Commission created at the request of the PP has never met.

She added that the continued ecological threat of contamination by plastics, wet wipes and other waste that finds itself washed up on the coast of Xàbia can be resolved by the installation of a system of retention nets for this type of waste whilst also providing a separate network for rainwater and sewage.

Cardona, mayoral candidate for PP Xàbia for the local elections in May, explained that the installation of this containment system would provide a “strainer effect” which would present solid objects from reaching the river and being washed into the sea, adding that the system is already being applied successfully in other municipalities such as Alicante.

She also pointed out that “it is necessary that information and awareness campaigns be accompanied by strong management to deal with the ‘mass’ of wet wipes, cotton buds, plastics and other waste that not only tarnishes the natural beauty of our coastline but also become a real environmental threat to the marine ecosystem. Our intention is to turn the tide of plastic that we suffer into a sea of sustainability. With the implementation of this waste filtration and retention system, we can protect our natural environment and guarantee a sustainable future for our community”.


It’s time to act: no more wipes or waste in the sea.

Faced with the environmental problem of wipes, plastics, cigarette butts that end up being dumped into the sea, the Popular Party is going to take two necessary measures to care for and protect the sea and the Xabiera coast:

  • The first and urgent, to install a network filtration system that prevents wipes, cigarette butts and plastics from reaching the sea.
  • The second, to separate the rainwater network from the sanitation network.