PSOE Xàbia seeks local election victory with dynamic team led by José Chulvi

The local assembly unanimously approves a candidacy list ready for Xàbia to continue being a benchmark of progress, stability and employment.

Tuesday 21st February 2023
Mike Smith

Last night PSOE Xàbia approved the candidacy list with which it will seek its fourth victory in the forthcoming local elections. Mayor José Chulvi is running for re-election “with the solvency that his years at the helm give him” and he has surrounded himself with a team that balances experience with large doses of renewal.

In fact, in the first 11 positions of the candidacy list, there are five new faces which, in the words of the mayor, “shows that our project maintains all its strength and is capable of adding people with very different profiles, all of them of recognized value in the professional field and committed to a very clear sensitivity about what Xàbia should be”.

It is a list “that represents the whole town, of honest people. A team of which I feel very proud and helps us to renew the illusion of continuing to work so that Xàbia is the place where we all like to live ”he pointed out.

Among the new faces on the list are Isabel Moreno (4), teacher and director of the CEIP Port and a person closely linked to education and culture; Rosana Sapena (6), lawyer specializing in women’s rights; Sergio Camarasa (7), musician and conductor, promoter of the Marinae Ensemble; Vicent Miralles (9) journalist and teacher linked to the world of culture and communication and Olga Sales (11) who in recent years has collaborated closely with the Department of Services in Xàbia.

There are also several councilors of the current corporation who are running for re-election, such as the councilor for Services Kika Mata (2), the councilor for Sports Alberto Tur (3), the councilor for Finance and Economic Development Ximo Segarra (5), the councilor for of Social Services Rita Berruti (8) and the person in charge of Education and Equality Montse Villaverde (10).

Both the mayor and candidate for re-election and the president of PSOE Xàbia, George Thomas, wanted to have a few words of thanks for “the years of generous and constant work to improve Xàbia” by people like Toni Miragall, Quico Moragues, Pepa Gisbert , Marta Bañuls and Isabel Bolufer who have had a great weight in the socialist project in recent years and who are now finishing their spell in local politics.

Those who have been councilors for a long time leave their place and an example to others but, as is usual in the candidacies of PSOE Xàbia, they will continue to be linked to the team. some of them symbolically occupying the last positions on the 21-candidate list, thus expressing their support for the announcement of José Chulvi to present himself again after three victories, two of them with an absolute majority (2015 and 2019).

“Together we have changed the politics of Xàbia. We have carried out historical projects that seemed impossible and we have improved people’s lives. And that can only be achieved with persistence, common sense and confidence. That is the key to an extraordinary Xàbia ”said the mayor.

Now Chulvi aspires to renew “the trust of our residents” and seek their revalidation for him to continue working so that Xàbia is a benchmark in progress, job creation and stability. The Socialists have reviewed their achievements of the legislature both in the social and economic sphere, a few years in which, despite the context of great difficulty (pandemic, natural disasters and a war in Europe). Xàbia has seen all the indicators of employment, business creation and wealth improve, as well as help to people and businesses, with more than 20 million euros allocated to help companies and families in Xàbia in the worst moments as well as fiscal measures such as the exemption of the garbage tax and the reduction of the IBI.

They have also valued the new garbage contract, the efforts to close a PGOU that protects 10 million sqm of land, and the historical landmarks of the municipal swimming pool as well as removing cars from Primer Montañar coastline, in addition to various urban interventions.

Una Xàbia Extraordinaria

But, above all, they have set their sights on the future, detailing a programme that will begin this week and that is aimed at consolidating “Xàbia as a place to live, to rest and to do business. A place where people come first and feel that their City Council takes care of them. An extraordinary Xàbia”.

The candidacy list for PSOE of Xàbia for the local elections of Sunday 28th May is as follows:

  1. Jose Chulvi · current mayor of Xàbia
  2. Kika Mata · current head Services / Fiestas
  3. Alberto Tur · current head Sports
  4. Isabel Moreno · teacher / director at CEIP Port de Xàbia
  5. Ximo Segarra · current head of Treasury / Economic Development / New Technologies
  6. Rosana Sapena · lawyer
  7. Sergio Camarasa · music teacher
  8. Rita Berruti · current head Social Services / Health
  9. Vicent Miralles · journalist / teacher
  10. Montse Villaverde · current head Education / Equality / Youth / Citizen Participation
  11. Olga Sales · business
  12. Doris Courcelles · current head Foreign Residents
  13. Rafa Bisquert · construction
  14. Marco Perry · insurance
  15. Loreto Bolufer · local business
  16. Pepa Ferrero · local business
  17. Chus Pobes · hospitality
  18. Pilar González · retired
  19. José Luis Luengo · local business
  20. Toni Miragall · tourism business
  21. Isabel Bolufer · retired

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