The first meeting of the advisory body of the new legislature has taken place

The councillor responsible for Culture in Xàbia, Mavi Pérez, has promised that the municipal Cultural Advisory Council will be “much more participatory and collaborative” during its first meeting of the new legislature.

The Advisory Council has been formed from five representatives of cultural groups in the town – Remei Bataller, Santiago Thevenet, Juan Antonio Sapena, Amadeu Ros and Antonio Caselles – as well as five further representatives appointed by the local council – Paco Reus, Rafael Andarias, Isabel Martí, Pepa Guardiola, Tomás Ruiz – and a representative from Agenda Local 21 (Alma Dorndorf), the local School Council (Mari Carmen Fernández) and from each political party (Isabel Moreno (PSPV), Raquel Violero (PP), Adriana Jiménez (CpJ), Clara Mengual (Vox) and Quica Gil (Compromís).

During this first meeting, the councillor have a report on the current situation of the Department of Culture in Xàbia and stressed that she intended for the advisory body to be “much more participatory and collaborative”. She also previewed the cultural programme and major events for 2024 which will maintain the themes of previous years.