Roads will be closed between 9.00pm and 1.00am this evening (Wednesday).

The municipal water company AMJASA has advised that it will be carrying out essential repair work in the area of Putxol tonight (Wednesday) that will required access roads to be closed.

Company workers will be replacing a pipe at the intersection of Calle de Calderón, Camí Soberana and Camí del Putxol that will require the roads to be closed, restricting the movement of traffic. In accordance with instructions from the local police, the section will be closed to traffic from 9.00pm on the evening of Wednesday 8th November and it will remain so until 1.00am on Thursday 9th November. However, access will be guaranteed for emergencies.

Workers will be carrying out an urgent repair due to a water leak that has been detected in the drinking water distribution network in the pipe that runs along Camí de Bolufer. The work involves the replacement of the network from this point up to Calle de Calderón.

AMJASA requests the understanding from all residents that will be affected by this essential work and is aware of the difficulties that it will cause which is why it has chosen to carry out the work at night in an attempt to cause the least possible inconvenience to residents.