The Department of Economic Development and the CREAMA initiative have published details of a new series of training events within the so-called Beachworking project.

2020-09-03 · MS | The Department of Economic Development and the CREAMA initiative have published details of a new series of training events within the so-called Beachworking project which seeks to attract digital talent and position Xàbia as an ideal location for working from home, something very relevant during the current COVID-19 health crisis.

After the positive results of the last series of courses at the end of last year, when all programming was migrated to online platforms and achieved great success in participation, the 2020 edition has opted to maintain this approach to make it easier for business people and employees to connect from their homes as well as provide a greater freedom in the schedule with the high quality and free training provided by the municipality.

Councillor Marta Bañuls (Economic Development) joined together with Raúl Escrivá, the specialist in charge of the project, to highlight the great support that the Beachworking project has received over the past three years, integrating as it has into the Digital District, the axis that deals with laying the foundations of technological transformation in the Mediterranean area.

Bañuls explained that the new course has a “fresh and innovative” proposal, doubling digital activity since it has been greatly accepted amongst those in the technological community whilst at the same time it has provided a way for business people or other interested parties to benefit from the training whilst being located in other parts of the region.

Of course, events focused on networking, such as Pechakucha, el Girls and Beer and Bytes will remain as face-to-face events as long as circumstances allow them to be held.

The councillor added that ideas for the new project of the Faro Digital are beginning to be reviewed since it will be a strategic infrastructure to position Xàbia as a centre and place of reference in a technological world. (The Faro Digital project aims to have the lighthouse of the San Antonio headland to be a basic infrastructure for the development of a technological ecosystem which serves to make it easier to attract digital talent.)

September Programme

The September programme starts on Thursday 10th September which the first XàbiaTIC conference “Soy nómada digital y vivo en Xàbia’ headed by Alejandro Soto and Maribel Cots who, after a lifetime of travel and experiences, have decided to stop in Xàbia and create a company to continue their journey from here.

On Tuesday 15th September, there will be a talk on Google Business whilst on Tuesday 22nd September, it will be the turn of Facebook Business to be the subject matter. Both form part of the Business Cycle organised by CREAMA AFIC.

Each Friday in September, there will be ‘Café con el ADL Tecnológico’ during which interviews will be scheduled with business people and other relevant people with an attractive story who will share their personal and professional experiences with the technological community.

There will also be news regarding the incorporation of the Digital District companies that are located in the Alicante region (although they deal with the whole world) who will explain their day-to-day life and give advice to the “beachworkers”.

SOURCE: Press Release – The Office of the Mayor