Moors & Christians travel to the town to lay flowers at the niche of Sant Jaume

The flower offering marks the start of the big days of fiesta for the Moros i Cristians de Xàbia.

Wednesday 20th July 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: Junta de Festes de Moros i Cristians de Xàbia

The visit to the Xàbia’s historic centre, and specifically to Carrer del Ravalet (which was called Carrer de Sant Jaume until a few years ago) is a must for the great festive family of Moros i Cristians. It means continuing to bring the celebration closer to all the town’s cores and marks the beginning of the big days in which port zone will become the home of the Moorish and Christian hosts.

The offering of flowers to the niche of Sant Jaume in the historic centre is always very special. What began almost spontaneously has become an act with its own identity that each year gains in followers who do not want to miss this show of familiarity, joy and celebration. The residents of the street have demonstrated, once again, their commitment to this act by decorating the road with flags and banners with the image of Sant Jaume whilst also thanking the troops for their visit with sweets, mistela and other typical products.

The rows departed from Plaza Marina Alta passing through Príncipe de Asturias, Foguerer and Virgen de la Merced until reaching the special street. The Moor and Christian standard bearers, Lucía Llidó and Carla Llidó, together with the Ballesters Captains, Rosa Catalá and Florencio Mata were in charge of making the offering of the flowers to the saint in his niche at one end of the road. The president of the Board of Festes, Rubén Femenia, and the Councilor for Fiestas, Kika Mata, also accompanied the filaes during their short tour of the historic centre.

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