Mobile ITV stations arrive in Xàbia

Prior appointments must be online as soon as possible and the procedure is available in four languages, including English.

The mobile inspection station for the carrying out a vehicle’s ITV (UK: MOT) will be coming to Xàbia on two dates and will be located in the car-park in Avenida Palmela next to the bus station.

The Department of Public Safety and Mobility, headed by councillor Juan Ortolá, has confirmed that the first visit on September 11th will be for the inspection of tractors, mopeds and motorcycles whilst the second visit between September 20th and October 17th will be for the inspection of cars, vans, mopeds and motorcycles.

To schedule an appointment, vehicle owners have to visit the website of the SITVAL (Societat Valenciana d’Inspecció Tècnica de Vehicles) here (available in four languages: Castellano, Valencìa, English and French). When requesting an appointment, it will be necessary to input the vehicle’s registration plate number.

The ITV (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos) is an obligatory inspection for cars and motobikes over four years old (and for mopeds over three years old) to ensure that they are roadworthy to be driven or ridden on the public highway. They can only been carried out at special ITV stations and vehicles that have successfully passed the ITV must display the corresponding V-19 sticker as proof of doing so.

In the Comunidad Valenciana, the ITV is carried out by the public company SITVAL using a series of fixed inspection stations as well as a number of mobile stations which visit municipalities. For the Marina Alta, the fixed station is in Ondara (ITV Station Nº 0307) and an appointment can be requested using this link.

It is essential that your vehicles is kept up-to-date with the ITV. Driving a vehicle for which the ITV has expired can attract a fixed penalty charge of 200 euros and you will be obliged to get your vehicle inspected as soon as possible.

If your vehicle fails the inspection, you will be given either an “unfavourable” result, which means that you can drive your vehicle direct to a workshop to have the necessary minor defects fixed and then return to the testing station within two months to confirm the repairs OR a complete failure result, which means that your vehicle has defects which are so severe that you are not authorised to drive it away from the testing station and must arrange for a breakdown vehicle to take it away to a workshop for the necessary repairs. Then you must return to the testing station within two months for a re-test.

In the case of an “unfavourable” result, if you fail to get your vehicle re-tested within two months, you will attract a fixed penalty fine of 200 euros. In the case of a complete failure, the fixed penalty fine is 500 euros.