Loreto 2023 | The rain stays off long enough for the float parade to take place

The 45 minute procession included contributions from local schools, peñas, associations and fiesta commissions.

The rain held off long enough for the traditional float parade to take place on Saturday evening, albeit with a reduced route in order to finish before the expected rain which did indeed arrive just after the conclusion.

Due to the damp weather and the expected storms, Saturday’s programme had to be modified with several acts either moved to locations undercover or suspended until a late date during the fiesta. The morning rain died off during the early afternoon which allowed the fiesta commission to decide that the float parade could take place but with a reduced route. However, the much-anticipated CORREFOCS and late night disco were both cancelled, with the former re-scheduled for midnight on Thursday 7th September.

Thousands of people lined the route in the Duanes de la Mar and enjoyed the colourful 45 minute parade featuring floats occupied by local schools, clubs and associations, the Casa de Andalusia, the Fogueres Commission, the Moors and Christians representatives as well as the mayoralesas for the 2023 edition of these fiestas.

As always, the peñas created their magnificent critical opinions of local government and its activities, reminding the spectators of the paralysis of public works at Parque Thiviers, the cancellation of Xàbia Jazz, the results of the local elections last May, and the apparent difference in public funding between the town’s Fogueres celebrations and the port’s Loreto fiesta.