The local force has attended some 5,356 incidents during 2020, close to the total for all of 2019, which closed with 7,081 services.

28.08.20 MS | The Local Police in Xàbia has stepped up its presence in the town by some 40% during the summer, mainly due to the increase in population during the summer months as visitors arrive in the town for their holidays but also due to the control of measures decreed by the authorities in relation to the COVID-19 health crisis.

Since the regional decree 2020/5852 came into force on July 18th, the police have issued 190 fines, the majority of which have been for not wearing a face mask as required by law (176) whilst others have been issued to bars, night spots and restaurants (12) as well as two private parties where police officers had to intervene due to the non-compliance with the required health measures of which one found up to 130 partygoers in attendance and had to be broken up in a joint operation with the Guardia Civil.

In addition, the Local Police have worked to ensure compliance with the citizen coexistence bylaws and have issued 192 fines since July of which 78 were for ‘botellones’ (63 for drinking in the public highway and 15 for using the car’s music equipment), 73 for noise from private houses at untimely hours which caused inconvenience to neighbours, 29 for disobedience to orders and lack of respect for police officers and 12 for disturbing public order.

Another issue which has led to great problems and involved a greater police presence has been the control of parking, especially in the areas near to the popular coves, and some 1,113 fines were issued. In addition, police officers have been attending and assisting in emergency situations, both health as well as fires such as those which have been causing great concern in the municipality over the past couple of weeks.

The workload of the Local Police has risen considerably compared to 2019. In July of last year, officers attended an average of 25 incidents a day whilst this year there have been an average of 34, representing a rise of some 36% whilst in August 2019 the average number of incidents was 33, this year there have been an average of 49, a rise of some 41%.

This large volume of work comes after a few months already complicated by the State of Alarm and its successive extensions which brought about restrictions on movement by citizens, a period during which officers of the Local Police stopped more than 8,000 people and almost 12,000 vehicles whilst processing more than 500 proposed sanctions.

In general, the increase in incidents means that, as of August 2019, the Local Police have recorded 5,356, close to the total for all of 2019 (7,081), providing a service with reduced staffing levels which, after more than dozen retirements in the past couple of years, sees the total number of officers available stand at 60.

Mayor José Chulvi joined with councillor Pepa Gisbert (Citizen Security, Emergencies) to thank the great work being carried out of the officers of the Local Police of Xàbia, especially during the current health crisis which has forced them to constantly add new control obligations not only in public but also in private spaces on top of their already complicated summer tasks. And this in a climate that is also difficult due to the general feeling of concern for public health and to be living a situation surrounded by uncertainty.

SOURCE: Press Release – The Office of the Mayor