Potential for heavy rain up to 20mm/hr and storms which could be accompanied by hailstorms.

28.08.20 MS | The state meteorological agency AEMET has issued a YELLOW risk warning for the potential of heavy rain and storms tomorrow afternoon Saturday 29th as a polar air mass pushes down from the north into the peninsula. The potential for the first late summer storms will also be accompanied by a temporary drop in temperatures to much more bearable levels, especially at night, before the thermometer rises again next week.

The warning suggests that there is a 40%-70% probability that our region will experience heavy rainfall with possible accumulation rates of up to 20mm an hour whilst the same probability exists for thunderstorms which could be accompanied by hailstones. The warning is valid from 2.00pm and continues through until 10.00pm in the evening.

The forecasts don’t suggest general rainfall across the Alicante region but rather very irregular periods of storms and heavy showers which could strike anywhere; in some areas it may rain a little or not all whilst in others just a short distance away the rain will be intense, the situation just can’t be pinpointed with any accuracy to municipality level.

A new month begins next week and September is notorious for its irregular weather patterns. In some years, the intense heat of summer extends well into the month whilst in others, such as 2019, catastrophic torrential rain can strike the Mediterranean coast. There is an old saying which sums up the month in our area perfectly: “September either dries up the fountains or takes away the bridges.”