Generalitat announces 50% discount on public transport in Valencian region from February 1st

The discount will be in force until June 30, 2023 in the entire Metrovalencia network, TRAM d’Alacant, Tram de Castelló, MetroBus and different concessions.

Tuesday 17th January 2023
Mike Smith

The President of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, has announced that the 50% discount for travelling on specific public transport services in the Valencian region will be applied from Wednesday 1st February.

The measure will complement the free public transport offered for those under 30 years of age and will apply to the entire Metrovalencia network, TRAM d’Alacant, TRAM de Castelló, MetroBus and different concessions. The total cost of the initiative will be co-financed by the central government, which will assume 30%, whilst the Generalitat Valenciana will be responsible for covering the remaining 20% of the discount.

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During the inauguration ceremony to mark the re-opening of the stretch of railway between Dénia and Gata de Gorgos, completing the renovation of Line 9 of TRAM d’Alacant, the President highlighted the investment efforts of the Generalitat Valenciana to offer “increasingly accessible” public transport and help citizens face the effects of inflation, and claimed that, by using the ‘Bono 10’ option for the TRAM, the inaugural trip of the L9 that he made on Monday between Teulada and Denia will cost just 40 cents.

During his speech, the president also revealed that the tender notice for the informative study of the new TRAM link between Dénia and Gandia will be published in the coming weeks. In this regard, Puig has insisted that the objective of the regional government is to promote urban and metropolitan transport to “stitch together” the regions and offer citizens “quality, affordable, more efficient public transport that improves connectivity between people and our towns”.

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The Regional Minister for Territorial Policy, Rebeca Torró, highlighted the Generalitat Valenciana’s “firm commitment” to a collective and “more sustainable” public transport model, because “only then will we ensure that users can, in the most agile way possible, travel in a sustainable way and leave the car at home”, as well as “improve territorial structure and fight against climate change”.

She recalled that, in recent years, the the regional government has reduced the price of public transport, increased the number of lines as well as increasing investment and implementing “new modes of transport”. It is about this way of ensuring that cities and metropolitan areas “manage to structure an integrated, efficient transport and mobility system, based on a rational use of urban space”, which will also have an impact on having a “more competitive, more humane, more habitable” region.

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The recovery of Line 9 of the TRAM d’Alacant that runs between Dénia and Benidorm has involved an investment of 150 million euros in order to modernize the route and restore communication between the eight municipalities of the Marina Alta and the Marina Baixa united through the FGV transport network.

Specifically, the last section of the L9 put into service this Monday has made it possible to renew the route between Gata de Gorgos and Dénia and to improve the track throughout the municipality of Dénia. The project has made it possible to integrate the tracks into the urban landscape, transform the level crossings into crossings with traffic lights and eliminate the walls that closed the tracks, thus ending the division caused by the railway that cut Dénia on its south side. In addition, the TRAM workshops have been renovated in the Dénia station itself, essential for the maintenance of the new dual trains.