Fogueres 2024: Àngela Tachó crowned as Regina Major for 75th edition

A veteran of the fiestas, she is determined to live her special time full of energy and enthusiasm.

On the second emotional night of a very special weekend for Xàbia, Àngela Tachó Llidó was officially proclaimed as Regina Major of this year’s Fogueres de Sant Joan in an emotion ceremony full of tradition and symbolism in the Plaza de la Constitución.

Once again, the stage was dominated by the representation of the fortress-church of San Bartolomé, but this time the protagonists recreated one of the most popular and colourful acts of the fiesta, the flower offering as those 122 young men and women who make up Quintà 2024 “A Cabassaes” took the stage bearing small bouquets which were added to tapestries flanking the church to make up a colourful and symbolic design.

It was just before midnight that Àngela made her entrance through the doors of the church in a continuation of the video that was shown on big screens on either side of the stage. After receiving her sash of office from mayor Rosa Cardona, she accepted the applause of the 1,000 strong audience flanked by her ladies-in-waiting Nahir Sánchez and Nerea Vidal.

This special act also allowed the 2023 representatives to bid their emotional farewell after 12 months in office. Arantxa Pons just about held back the tears during speech, supported by her ladies-in-waiting Elia Marí Bolufer and Lucía Llidó Vallés whilst presidents of the Quinta 2023 “A Rebolcons” Adriana Fernández Mata and Alex Salvà Prada struggled to do the same as they handed over the reins to Júlia Roselló Vallés i Jaime Valverde Ortuño, presidents of Quintà 2024 “A Cabassaes”.

Àngela, who is about to turn 18, admitted to that she was very nervous but had been “counting the days until the start of the festivities”. It has been a busy few months since her election as the top representative of this year’s edition, not only with the preparations for the festivities but she has almost recently completed her EBAU exams and is about to start her studies to become a teacher.

A veteran of the fiestas – “I have always been involved” – she was part of the Junior Commission where she admitted that she “had a great time” and now she has reached the pinnacle, forming part of Quintà 2024 “A Cabassaes” and being proclaimed Regina Major 2024, joining a long list of exceptional queens who have represented the town over the past 75 years.

She feels honoured to be the main representative in such a special year, telling that “this year is special since there are more events and bigger acts which more expected participation”. And she has sent a message to her quintà to “enjoy your year, a long-awaited year, for it will be unforgettable … we will be remembered as the quintà of the 75th anniversary edition.”