Fogueres 2024: Claudia García fulfils dream to be proclaimed as Reina Infantil

The first emotional act of the weekend saw the 10-year-old student of Maria Inmaculada become the young representative of the festivities.

Claudia García Rodríguez was crowned as Reina Infantil – the Children’s Queen – for the 2024 edition of the Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia in an emotional ceremony on Friday evening, a celebration that focussed on the traditional Nit dels Focs and the Foguera de Trastos Vells that form an integral part of the final acts of arguably the biggest party of the year.

A giant stage was created on the Plaza de la Constitución for the weekend acts, an impressive representation of the ancient fortress-church of San Bartolomé, and almost 1,000 people turned out to see this iconic moment which not only welcomes the new protagonists of the fiesta but also bids an emotional farewell to those who had held the torch for Xàbia over the past twelve months.

Passing on the baton were Junior Commission presidents Shaila Esquinas and Sergi Pons and the Reina Infantil 2023 Júlia Leyda and her ladies-in-waiting Abril Escudero and Marta Martínez, all of whom gave emotional speeches to thank their family, friends and the town of Xàbia for their support.

As for 2024, some 70 young people of the Junior Commission were presented, a group that will be led by presidents Laura Sánchez Tachó and Lucas Mata Devesa, before more than 100 young boys and girls had their chance to take the stage and be welcomed at the 2024 Junior Court of Honour.

Just before 11.00pm, the ladies-in-waiting Lucia Bisquert Cholbi and Gisela Esquinas Devesa were handed their ceremonial sashes before the Children’s Queen herself emerged from a glowing bonfire at the back of the stage with her ever-present beaming smile. With mayor Rosa Cardona gently placing the sash on her shoulder, Claudia was finally proclaimed as Reina Infantil 2024 as fireworks lit up the night sky behind her.

Ten year old Claudia, a student at Colegio Maria Inmaculada who wants to be a hairdresser, admitted to that she has been a bag of nerves during the last few months of preparation but is happy that her day has finally arrived and is particularly looking forward to the Pregón, the official start of the fiestas. “I’ll be able to experience from the other side, in a very special way, on the balcony [of the town hall building] next to Àngela, the Fogueres Queen … we’ll wish everyone all the best to enjoy the festivities as much as we will”.

She will be accompanied at every step by her ladies-in-waiting, Lucia and Gisela, to whom she dedicated the festivities and with whom she has become great friends. She will also be accompanied by her little brother and has thanked local fashionista Rubén Bisquert for designing both her dresses and her brother’s waistcoat so that they will both be dressed the same.