Fogueres 75: Xàbia celebrates a very special occasion with emotional evening

More than 230 representatives from 1950 to 2024 took to the stage in Plaza de la Constitución.

Of the three events that took place in Xàbia over the weekend to mark the start of the 2024 edition of the Fogueres de Sant Joan, the final one was no doubt the most special. To mark the 75th anniversary of these very exceptional festivities, it was the turn of the mothers and grandmothers to dig out their traditional clothing and take to the streets they once reigned, to enjoy the applause once again, and perhaps to remember those who have contributed to the success of these celebrations but are no longer with us.

Supported by their families and friends, they gathered in the church square, greeting most affectionately those who they have not seen for some years, perhaps even as long ago as when they hugged when their bonfire was lit which brought an end to the reign. Time has passed but memories remained fresh as stories were exchanged and laughter filled the air.

The Queens, both Junior and Senior, joined with Youth and Quintà presidents as well as former president of the Fogueres Commission to parade from the heart of the historic centre to Plaza de la Constitución, some of this year’s young protagonists joining the elders to assist with the walk through the streets of the town. It was a journey which clearly demonstrated the evolution of the traditional clothing worn for the festivities, appreciated by the hundreds who lined the route.

Xavi LLorca and Susana Llinares were charged with guiding us all through this special evening, recounting the history of both the Fogueres and life in general as we watched each decade’s representatives from 2024 to 1950 take to the stage with great emotion.

More than 230 representatives beamed with pride as they accepted the great applause of more than 1,000 people who were lucky enough to secure a seat and many more who stood at the back, eager not to miss this great occasion. They were also honoured to receive a special 75th anniversary statue representing the flames of the Fogueres which was designed by local artists Toni Marí.

The greatest applause was saved for last as Rosa Torres Gimeno, Regina de la Foguera 1951, and Gertrudis Tena Sendra, Regina de la Foguera Infantil 1950, took centre stage. The entire representation stood to acknowledge them along with the audience, which featured several of the queens who were not able to participate fully but didn’t want to miss this special event. They were introduced at the beginning of the act.