Lucía Serrano and Vanessa Garrido also begin their journey at the head of the fiesta as the standard bearers Mora y Cristiana 2024

The fiesta of the Moors and Christians in Xàbia kicked of its 2024 festivities at the weekend with the celebration of MIG ANY, an important event that serves to formally introduce the year’s standard bearers for the crescent and the cross – Lucía Serrano Osca and Vanessa Garrido Astorgano – and to official present the Captaincy for 2024, which remains of the Moorish side and falls on FILÀ BAHARIS, who will be represented by Txema Bengoa Fernández and Amaia Arrausi Pinedo.

The MIG ANY celebration also serves to pay tribute to those people who have been an indispensable part of the development and representation of the fiesta during 2023.

On Friday night, the large festive family of the Moors and Christians in Xàbia kicked off the MIG ANY weekend with an informal procession through the centre of Duanes de la Mar, filling the streets with colour and music.

The following day, Saturday, began early with a communal brunch which brought together a large number of the fiesta family, not only of the different FILÀS but also of curious onlookers who joined in the fun, encouraged by the music and hubbub.

At midday, the traditional day time procession took place when the Moorish and Christian sides emulate the majesty of the Gala Parades that bring together thousands of spectators every July. From the iconic archway, the Christian side led the way with FILÀ FACINERS at the head, following the ranks of CONTRABANDISTES DE XÀBIA, PIRATES DE SANT JAUME, BALLESTERS, BANDOLERS and TRABUQUERS. They were followed by the Moorish troops led by XIBIA, TOUAREGS, ALMORISCOS, ALMORADINS, AL-TARIKS, SCHAITANS and, finally, the 2024 Captains FILÀ BAHARIS.

The main event of MIG ANY took place in the afternoon at the Salones Carrasco when some 230 people came together to enjoy a gala meal and welcome those who would be the highest representatives of the fiesta during 2024 as well as present this year’s Captaincy. The event was attended by the area representative of the National Union of Fiesta Groups (UNEF), Vicente Ivars Llorca.

Lorena Ros and Laura Calavia led the event, presenting the 2023 representatives who would be given an emotional farewell: standard bearers Indira Rosa Cardona (Moros · FILA AL-TARIKS) and Natalia Moya (Cristians · FILÀ CONTRABANDISTES DE XÀBIA) and the Captains from FILÀ ALMORISCOS, Vicente Montaner and Merche Llidó alongside their sons Santi and Moisés Montaner. Both standard bearers and captains recognised that it had been “a spectacular year” and thanked everyone involved in the fiesta who helped them to carry out their duties, especially those of their respective ranks. All of them were given a commemorative painting as a souvenir of their time as the main representatives of the fiesta.

This act was followed by the proclamation of the standard bearers for 2024 who, from this moment on, would be the visible face of the fiesta wherever it is present and Lucía Serrano and Vanessa Garrido were received with great applause and cheers. Mayor Rosa Cardona and the councillor responsible for Fiestas, Mavi Pérez, were tasked with presenting them with the sashes that confirm their office as commanders of their respective sides. And thus, the two young women became the highest fiesta and representative authority of the MOROS I CRISTIANS DE XÀBIA.

Finally, the Filà Capitana for 2024 was presented and this year FILÀ BAHARIS would be in charge of holding this important title, presenting its captains Txema Bengoa and Amaia Arrausi as their highest representatives. Bengoa has a long involvement in the history of the fiesta in Xàbia and has become the alma mater for his colleagues. He is one of the BAHARIS representatives of the Fiesta Committee and has been the squad leader for many years. His wife Amaia has been linked with the fiesta and the BAHARIS for some years.

To conclude the formal part of the event, the president of the Fiesta Committee, Abel Moll, addressed the room, emphasizing the strength of the committee and its unity when faced with the most complex situations. The event was closed with speeches from the mayor and the councillor responsible for Fiestas.

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