Emotional return to the streets for the Moors and Christians

The traditional Mig Any was celebrated on Saturday for the first time in two years.

Sunday 20th February 2022 – MIKE SMITH
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There were wide smiles and a few tears as the Moors and Christians of Xàbia made an emotional return to the streets of the port after an enforced two-year absence due to the pandemic.

The celebration of Mig Any marks the start of preparations for the main festivities that take place in July. The groups come together to share eat, drink and then march through the port in a symbolic manner before heading of to Salones Carrasco for a gala lunch and formal presentation of the new charges for the year.

February 2020 was the last time that they were able to do so. Barely a month later, the nation was locked down as the COVID-19 virus swept across the world and since social contract was restricted to reduce infection spread, fiestas had to be put on hold.

Two years on, the filaes were finally allowed to meet together again. There were all the usual faces – and a few new ones as well, little people who hadn’t yet experienced the magic of the Moors & Christians for they were not yet in the world the last time that the filaes marched through the streets. So, as they prepared to pass through the archway and make their entrance into the streets of the port to the sound of the stirring music, a few tears were shed.

At Salones Carrasco, the participants, which included mayor José Chulvi and councillor Kika Mata (Fiestas), enjoyed a gala lunch before the standard bearers for each side, for the Moors, Lucía Llidó Vallés (Filà Xibia) and for the Christians Carla Llidó Bertolín (Filà Pirates de Sant Jaume), as well as the captains of Filà Ballesters, were presented with flowers in a symbolic gesture as they look forward to finally taking their places as the prime representatives of the Moros i Cristians de Xàbia 2022.

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