Details: Procedures for Xàbia’s mass vaccination point

Full details on how to proceed when summoned to receive the vaccine.

Thursday 20th May 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

From next Monday, the multipurpose room at Portal del Clot in Xàbia will become the mass vaccination point for residents of the town. Councillor Rita Berruti (Health) explained that the council is finalizing preparations to follow the safety and hygiene guidelines set by the Ministry of Health and working with the local police to define control and organization of access.

The multipurpose room is located next to the OAC Citizen Advice Office with pedestrian access from Avenida Amanecer and underground parking right underneath. There is also free parking a short walk away next to the bus station.

For those using the underground car-park who have mobility problems, there is a lift to access the vaccination space and wheelchairs can be requested at the checkpoint. If personal circumstances make it essential to access the same door directly by your own vehicle, the local police should be contacted on 96 579 00 81 for further instructions.

A large tent will be erected outside to create a shady space and duly identified staff will be on hand to give information and answer questions or queries. An ambulance will also be on hand to attend to any emergency.

It is recommended to gauge the time of arrival at the facilities as accurately as possible to avoid queues and reduce waiting time. Kepp in mind that only who have been given an appointment, either by SMS or phone call, will be vaccinated. It is also important to comply will all the necessary safety measures, including social distancing and the wearing of a face mask, whilst anyone who is showing symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend.

It is very important that you check the date and time of your appointment when received via SMS as well as the SIP number to ensure that the appointment is for you and not another member of your family.

Finally, the medical staff recommend wearing comfortable clothes that allow the administration of the jab and remind those who have been summoned that they must produce their SIP card and any professional health report in the case of suffering from any disease, allergy, or special condition.

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