COVID UPDATE: Xàbia records 101 new cases

The Generalitat Valenciana is to announce tighter restrictions to combat spread of infection.

Tuesday 5th January 2021 | MIKE SMITH

This is the latest information on the status of the health situation in Xàbia, the Marina Alta, the Comunidad Valenciana and across Spain.

For more information, please refer to the links given at the bottom of the page as our report is based on the official figures given in these sources.


Xàbia has seen 101 new positive cases reported since the last update

Latest Data (04/01/2021)
14-Day Cumulative Rate (IA): 547.02
Positive PCR Tests in the past 14 days: 151
Total Positive Cases: 563 (+101)
Total Deaths: 3 (no change)

There has been two virus outbreaks reported in Xàbia this week, one affecting 5 people and the other affecting 6 people. Both are of social origin.

Marina Alta

NOTE: There is a difference of 36 between the total number of positive cases reported (3,679) and the actual number of positive cases per individual municipality (3,715). We’re not sure why this is the case at the moment. We’re reporting the latter number below.

The Dénia Health Authority, which covers the Marina Alta region, has recorded 599 new infections since the last update, bringing the total to 3,715 positive cases since the crisis began.

Latest Data (04/01/2021)
14-Day Cumulative Rate (IA): 517.06
Positive PCR Tests in the past 14 days: 887
Total Positive Cases: 3,715 (+599)
Total Deaths: 55 (+11)

The 599 new infections have been recorded in the following municipalities:

  • Dénia – 194
  • Xàbia – 101
  • Teulada – 55
  • Benissa – 54
  • Calp – 44
  • Pego – 37
  • Ondara – 24
  • El Vergel – 23
  • Pedreguer – 20
  • Gata de Gorgos – 18
  • Orba – 8
  • Alcalalí – 5
  • Poble Nou del Benitatxell – 5
  • Beniarbeig – 2
  • Benidoleig – 2
  • Llíber – 2
  • Adsubia – 1
  • El Ràfol d’Almúnia – 1
  • Parcent – 1
  • Senija – 1
  • La Vall d’Ebo – 1 (first case)

Comunidad Valenciana

The 14-day IA rate for the Comunidad Valenciana is 322.62 whilst the positivity rate2 for the Comunidad Valenciana is 19.84%, almost double the national average. The region is now at very high risk of spreading the coronavirus pandemic.

When just a few weeks ago, the Communidad Valenciana was one of the least affected autonomous community in Spain, the New Year has seen it lead the table in the number of new hospitalizations, both in general ward admissions and ICU occupancy, as well as suffering the most deaths in 7 days as a result of the COVID-19 virus.

Latest Data (04/01/2021)
(increase or decreases values since 21/12/2020)
Total Positive Cases: 151,903 (+22,440)
Positive Cases in 14 days: 16,143 (+2,317)
Total Hospitalizations: 16,379 (+1,452)
Current Hospitalizations: 2,321 (+818)
Current Beds Occupied (Ward): 20.57% (+7.57)
Current Beds Occupied (ICU): 34.04% (+10.04)

Latest IA Rate by Health Authority (05/01/2021)
14-day trend is up
14-day trend is down
856.49 – Requena
828.22 – Xàtiva-Ontinyent
693.17 – Alcoi
517.06 – Dénia
431.64 – Vinaros
400.00 – Sagunt
352.85 – Elda
341.04 – Valencia La Fe
337.52 – Valencia Clinic La Malva Rosa
336.96 – Valencia Dr.Peset
326.78 – Valencia Arnau de Vilanova-Llíria
314.92 – La Ribera
304.39 – La Plana
296.41 – Valencia Hospital General
255.87 – Sant Joan de l’Alacant
239.46 – Manises
237.97 – Gandía
236.25 – Elx
216.95 – Castelló
198.49 – Alacant Hospital General
167.28 – La Marina Baixa
165.93 – Orihuela
143.13 – Elx-Crevillent
55.37 – Torrevieja


The Comunidad Valenciana will be expanding and tightening restrictions as the virus continues to spread out of control through many parts of the region. Measures may include the lockdown of municipalities with the highest IA rates and the reduction of opening hours of businesses. More information will be forthcoming

The teaching union STEPV has demanded that the return to school after the festive season be delayed until Monday 11th January but, at the time of writing, the Generalitat has confirmed that classes will resume on Thursday 7th January.

Just 16% of the 31,000 Pfizer vaccines delivered to the Comunidad Valenciana have been administered, whilst another 35,000 vaccines have arrived in the region. The regional Health Ministry said that the first dose of the vaccine will have been administered to all residents and workers at senior citizen residences by the end of next week, after which the health personnel of Primary Care will be vaccinated.


The national 14-day IA rate is 272.22, a slight decrease on the previous update. The general trend is up, suggested the possibility of a ‘third wave’ approaching. However, the data will continue to be distorted until well into January due to the festive period and non-reporting on bank holidays and it is expected that the real picture of the situation won’t be known until January 21st.

Latest Data (04/01/2021)
Total Positive Cases: 1,958,844 (+139,595 in 14 days)
Total Deaths: 51,078 (+1,818 in 14 days)
Current Hospitalizations: 13,458 (+2,027 in 14 days)
Current % of Hospital Beds occupied by COVID patients: 11,12%
Current % of ICU Beds occupied by COVID patients: 23.00%

Latest IA Rate by Autonomous Region (04/01/2021)
14-day trend is up
14-day trend is down
604.00 – Extremadura
529.90 – Baleares
375.35 – Madrid
356.20 – Castilla-La Mancha
337.40 – Cataluña
330.91 – La Rioja
322.62 – Comunidad Valenciana
257.41 – Aragón
252.06 – Melilla
238.03 – Murcía
214.61 – Navarra
202.83 – País Vasco
201.48 – Galicia
193.43 – Cantabria
189.91 – Ceuta
182.31 – Castilla y León
142.71 – Andalucia
126.92 – Canarias
121.72 – Asturias


The number of new COVID-19 infections has risen by 25% in a week with half of Spain’s autonomous regions rising above the extreme-risk level of 250 accumulative cases per 100,000 population in 14 days, indicating that a ‘third wave’ of infections may be coming. The Health Ministry has admitted that the outlook remains grim as the result of increased social interaction over the festive period translates into new cases.

Cataluña will be locking down its municipalities from Thursday 7th January, preventing movement between them, as well as closing shopping centre and other non-essential shops, except those who are no bigger than 400 square metres. Only essential activity will be allowed at the weekends.

Aragón will see all on-essential establishments closing at 8.00pm whilst Castilla y León has prohibited drinking and eating inside bars and restaurants in Segovia.

Data Explanation

1 The IA rate is the number of new cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 inhabitants over the past 14 days. It is considered the most accurate measure of the spread of the virus. A rate above 250 indicates an ‘Extreme Risk’ that the infection is spreading. The aim of the Spanish government is to lower this rate to 25.

2 The positivity rate refers to the percentage of all COVID-19 tests carried out which have come back positive. A high figure means that it doesn’t take many tests to come across a positive result.

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