The council session also gave it unamimous support to the traditional fishing method ‘tresmall’.

2020.08.28 MS | Councillors unanimously approved the requirements that will set the criteria and procedure for the granting of subsidies worth up to 1,500 euros which are intended to support SMEs, micro SMEs, small self-employment businesses and professionals who saw their average turnover for the month of April and May 2020 reduce by at least 50% (based on the semester prior to the ‘State of Alarm’) when the Spanish Government declared a ‘State of Alarm’ through Royal Decree 463/2020 of March 14 to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

These grants, which fall within the Recuperem Xàbia Comprehensive Plan for the economic and social reactivation of the municipality, will be financed through a 94,000 euro package provided by the Diputación Provincial de Alicante.

Amongst the eligible activities are those included in the maintenance of business activity (current structural and operating expenses of the business activity) such as the rental cost of premises, publicity expenses for activities and events that have been negatively affected by the ‘State of Alarm’, consulting and advisory expenses carried out as a result of the lockdown and utility expenses such as electricity, water, telephone and Internet which have been contracted specifically to the business premises.

The interest expenses of loans for the acquisition of business premises, rent or those on loans for the acquisition of commercial vehicles will also serve 100% of the business activity.

Self-employed business people, SMEs and micro-SMEs (up to 5 people) legally constituted at the time of submission of the application and with registered business address in Xàbia will be eligible to apply for this financial aid.

After approval of the regulations at the council meeting, the period of public scrutiny has begun after which the administration will confirm the application period and publish the form for submitting applications. More information and documentation will be available on the municipal website and access to the municipal electronic office will be enabled to formulate the application.

Protecting Traditional Fishing

During the council meeting, the mayor José Chulvi presented a motion to protect the traditional fishing method of ‘tresmall’ which received the unanimous support of councillors.

The motion is a response to a Draft Ministerial Order that would affect the conservation measures of the ZEC (Special Conservation Zones) and ZEPA (Special Protection Areas for Birds) and proposes the modification of the spaces of the Red Natura 2000 marina.

The regulations affect the coastline of Xàbia, restricting the traditional fishing method of ‘tresmall’ which is a type of fishing that is linked to our municipality, affecting the culture, economy and quality of life of the people of the town and doesn’t pose a threat to environmental sustainability.

Xàbia Council has always made known its strong commitment to protecting the environment but also to protecting the local fishing sector. The council will together with both fishermen and other adminisitrations so that the protection of the natural environment and the survival of this sector are compatible.

Source: Press Release – The Office of the Mayor