Council plans improvements to use Riurau d’Arnauda more as cultural space

The project aims to improve lighting, install toilets and build a permanent stage in the enclosure.

Since the start of the COVID-19 health crisis, the Riurau d’Arnauda, located amongst the pine trees of Parque Montaner, has revealed itself as an ideal space to host different types of cultural events with all the health and safety gurantees.

Consequently, the Council is looking at improving the space to further increase its possibility as a public area. The Department of Culture, in conjunction with the Department of Works, will be drafting a comprehensive project to bring together several issues that need to be addressed in order to develop a suitable budget and schedule to get them done.

Councillor Quico Moragues (Culture) explained that the project would include the construction of toilet facilities, the improvement of the interior of the riurau itself as well as the lighting inside the enclosure, the provision of a drainage system and run-off of stormwater, and the construction of a small stage.

He added that it is the intention that each sub-project would be individually budgeted so that they can be tendered separately, based on the available budget.

The councillor highlighted the value of the riurau as a space for an outdoor cultural and leisure space and indeed it has been hosting concerts, meetings, and festivals for some years. And that use has become even more important since the start of the health crisis since it offers not only a well-ventilated space outdoors but also better capacity control of those events.

Tuesday 17th November 2020, 3.30pm – MGS

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