Comunidad Valencia will receive over 401,000 vaccine doses next week

It is the highest weekly shipment since the vaccination process of citizens began four months ago.

Thursday 29th April 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

Ximo Puig, president of the Generalitat Valenciana, has announced that the Comunidad Valenciana will receive 401,400 doses of vaccine against COVID-19 next week, the highest weekly shipment since the immunization process began four months ago. This will mean that the region will be able to accelerate the rate of administration of doses.

Specifically, the region will receive 187,200 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, 168,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, 32,800 doses of the Moderna vaccine, and 13,400 doses of the single jab Janssen vaccine.

The president explained that this delivery represents a quarter of all the doses that have been administer since early January. To date, the region has administered 1,574,074 doses – 577,998 in Alicante, 185,716 in Castellón, and 810,360 doses in Valencia – with 411,342 people have completed the required immunization course, including those who have received the Janssen vaccine.

The Comunidad Valenciana leads the way in vaccination

The rate of vaccination in the Comunidad Valenciana remains above for the whole of Spain with 92.7% of all vaccines received having been administered to its citizens, compared to a national average of 88%. These figures allow the Valencian region to lead the way in the rate of vaccination in the country, alongside Andalusia.

With regards to those people in nursing homes, almost 100% have received at least one dose and 93% are now fully immunized against COVID-19. Similarly, 100% of people aged over 80 years have received at least one dose and 90% of them are now fully immunized. And of the 70-79 age group, the coverage is 71.9% having received their first dose and 5.8% completing the required course.

The president said that this data makes it possible to ensure that progress is being made in the “great objective of reaching the summer in the best possible position” to consolidate the economic and social recovery of the region, adding that it is expected that every person over the age of 60 will have received at least one dose of vaccine by June.

He stressed that vaccination is a fundamental asset for recovery and that it should be globalized. “Faced with a global pandemic, we must give a global response,” he said, adding that he would be raising this issue during the Committee of Regions next week.

He also added that he trusts that the laboratories will comply with their commitments and maintain established supplies over the next few weeks.

During his visit to the mass vaccination centre in Alicante, the president finished by thanking the vaccination teams for their professionalism and added that Valencian society “has demonstrated its great maturity, its great collective commitment” in complying with the health regulations, which has allowed to Comunidad Valenciana to continue to be the region in Spain with the lowest incidence rate.