Club Náutico Jávea brings successful 48th Sailing Week to a close

The children’s and youth sailing trophies brought together more than 200 young sailors.

Tuesday 30th August 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: Club Náutico Jávea

Club Náutico Jávea closed the 48th edition of the Sailing Week last weekend with the children’s, youth and windsurfing sailing regattas, which had the participation of more than 200 sailors.

The trophies for the Optimist and 420 categories brought together 73 Optimist sailors and 12 couples of 420 from different clubs across the Valencian region. After the two days of regattas in the children’s class, the best were Antonio Pérez from the Real Club Náutico de Calp in class B and Carlota Gómez from the Club Náutico Jávea in class A.

Meanwhile, in 420, the event scored for the regional ranking and the best were the couple from the Club Náutico Jávea – Arantza Reig and Lucy Crosbie – who also received the award in the girls’ category.

For its part, a total of 32 sailors participated in the Windsurfing trophy in the different classes and among them the best were:

  • Bic Techno sub15: Enrique Parres (Club Náutico Santa Pola)
  • Bic Techno sub17: Manuel Montánchez (Club Windsurfing Hispano Francés de Valencia)
  • Bic Techno Plus: Manuel Torres (Club Náutico Santa Pola)
  • Open Foil sub17: Jiri Stepanek
  • Open Foil sub19: Yolanda Clement (Club Náutico Santa Pola)
  • IqFoil: Octavio Ramón (Club Náutico Jávea)
  • R: Humberto Martínez (Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena)

At the awards ceremony for the Trofeo Rodolfo Tomás, created by the local company 3D Xàbia, the board member of Sailing division, Carlos Carbonell, thanked the entire team of the Club Náutico Jávea for the work that has made the celebration of Sailing Week possible, as well as the attendance of sailors who have come from all over the region.

The event was attended by Silvia Borso from the Valencian Sailing Federation, the president of Club Náutico Jávea, Arturo Miquel, the vice president, Marta Camps, the board member of the Sailing division, Carlos Carbonell and Pascual Peris from the Club Náutico de Gandía.

Full Classifications


  1. Lucy Crosbie y Arantza Reig (CN Jávea) 
  2. Nando Puig y Kevin Lenis (CN Jávea)
  3. Miguel Campos y Pablo Moreno (Real Club Regatas de Alicante / Real Club Náutico de Valencia)

Optimist B

  1. Antonio Pérez (Real Club Náutico de Calpe)
  2. Águeda Ivorra (CN Altea)
  3. Joan Marcel Rosell (CN Altea) 

Optimist A

  1. Carlota Gómez (CN Jávea)
  2. Mateo Carbonell (CN Jávea)
  3. Raül Martínez (CN Jávea)

Bic Techno sub15

  1. Enrique Parrés (CN Santa Pola)
  2. Gonzalo Ruiz (CN Santa Pola)
  3. Noor Saidi (CN Jávea)

Bic Techno sub17

  1. Manuel Montánchez (Club Windsurfing Hispano Francés Valencia)
  2. Mauro Guijarro (CN Jávea)
  3. Daniel Postigo (CN San Ramón de Madrid)

Bic Techno Plus

  1. Manuel Torres (CN Santa Pola)
  2. Rodrigo Olmos (CN Jávea)
  3. Julia Martínez (CN Jávea)

Open Foil sub17

  1. Jiri Stepanek
  2. Antonio Sánchez (CN Santa Pola)
  3. Jorge Monparler (CN Jávea)

Open Foil sub19

  1. Yolanda Clemente (CN Santa Pola)
  2. Esteban Parres (CN Santa Pola)
  3. José Luis Marín (Club Regatas Valencia)


  1. Octavio Ramón (CN Jávea)
  2. Carlos Sánchez (CN Santa Pola)


  1. Humberto Martínez (Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena)
  2. Rafa Ros (EV Seasurf Patrol)
  3. Luis Camacho (Club de Vela Blanes)