Budget 2022: PP votes against the budget proposal whilst Compromís and Ciudadanos abstain

The proposed budget for 2022 is passed with the support of the PSPV and CPJ.

Friday 28th January 2022 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

The January plenary meeting of Xàbia Council concluded with the proposal for the 2022 municipal budget passed with the support of the government team (PSPV and CPJ), despite votes against from the PP and the abstention of Compromís and Ciudadanos.

During the course of the debate, all three opposition parties agreed on the lack of participation on the development of the budget proposal, not only for themselves but also for the residents of the town. Ciudadanos spokesperson Enrique Escrivà demanded that the concept of participatory budgets be implemented whilst PP councillor Óscar Antón said that the budgets approved between 2011 and 2015 were done so after participatory sessions.

Compromís spokesperson Juan Cardona argued that there is no proposal that comes out of the participatory budgets and said that proposals for the Strategic Plan or EDUSI that were made in 2015 were not included.

In response, councillor Ximo Segarra (Treasury) argued that there is not a line set for people to vote but every day requests are received by email which can be addressed. Mayor José Chulvi elaborated on that argument by saying that the council meets with associations, sports clubs and residents and that many things were noted that were transferred into the proposals.

More to follow …

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