Xàbia will enjoy the ‘Mig Any’ of the Moros i Cristians fiestas this coming weekend

The Junta de Festes recovers the processions on Friday night through the streets of Customs

Tuesday 28th February 2023
Mike Smith

This weekend, Xàbia will welcome the month of March with the celebration of MIG ANY – the “half year” – of the popular Moros i Cristians fiesta, a day of fellowship between the filaes that warms up the engines in preparation for the fiesta which honours Sant Jaume every July as well as serving to close an intense festive cycle marked by the pandemic and inaugurate a new one with the proclamation of the new standard bearers for 2023 and the presentation of the Captain Filà.

This year, the Mig Any celebrations will be spread over two days and music will be the prominent component. At sunset on Friday 3rd March (8.00pm), the Moorish and Christian troops will celebrate an informal parade that will pass through the traditional streets of the port.

On Saturday 4th March, there will be the usual programme which will kick off with a communal brunch and then, as 12.30pm, music will once again invade the port with the daytime parade which this year will follow a longer route. Starting at the arch of Pio XI – how could it be otherwise? – the procession will pass along Calle Santisimo Cristo del Mar, Calle Sertorio and Avenida Jaime I to finish in Paseo Joaquín Sorolla.

In the afternoon, attention will move to the banqueting suite at Salones Carrasco for a gala lunch and the most important act of the Mig Any celebrations. The great festive family will honour Lucía Llidó and Carlo Llidó as Standard Bearers for 2020-2022 as well as the Captain Filà Ballesters represented by Florencio Mata and Rosa Català. In turn, the beginning of the new festive edition will be marked by the proclamation of Indira Rosa Cardona and Natalia Moya as the Standard Bearers for 2023 as well as the official presentation of this year’s Captain Filà.

At the end, attention will move inside the Salones Carrasco to celebrate the gala lunch and the most outstanding act of Mig Any. The great festive family will put the finishing touch to the representation of Lucía Llidó and Carla Llidó as Flag Bearers 2020-2022 and to the Captaincy of the Filà Ballesters represented by their Captains Florencio Mata and Rosa Catalá. In turn, it will start a new festive edition with the proclamation of Indira Rosa Cardona and Natalia Moya as Mora and Christian Standard Bearers 2023 and will officially present this year’s Captaincy.


Friday 3rd March
20:00 – Parade of the Moros i Cristians. Start: Calle Doctor Fleming, Calle Toni Llidó, Calle Virgen de Loreto, Avenida Lepanto, Paseo Marina Española, Avenida Jaime I.

Saturday 4th March
10:15 – Brunch enlivened by Xaranga
12:30 – Parade of the Moros i Cristians: Start: Arch Pio X, Calle Santísimo Cristo del Mar, Calle Sertorio, Avenida Jaime I.
14:30 – Fellowship Meal in Salones Carrasco.