Xàbia will dedicate square to Ramona Fernández de Palencia

The proposal is to rename the enclosed square next to the municipal market in honour of this exemplary local personality.

Monday 25th October 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

Xàbia Council will discuss the proposal from the Department of Culture in Xàbia to dedicate the public space between the Municipal Market and the church of San Bartolomé, next to Plaza Celestino Pons, to Ramona Fernández de Palencia.

Best known in Xàbia as “Doña Ramona”, Fernandez de Palencia was honoured in 2011 with the Vila de Xàbia Nou d’Octubre Award for Solidarity for her altruistic character and social activism, dedicating her time and ability to help improve the lives of those people who needed it most.

A tireless fighter, her effort was instrumental in securing the opening of the Xàbia Day Centre whilst she was also a great collaborator with the parishes, always faithful to her moral and religious convictions. Her extroverted character led her to be part of the first parent associations at the local schools as well as promoting different groups, including the Guild of Women of Jesus Nazareno.

Roman Fernández de Palencia was born in Villena and she moved to Xàbia after marrying Juan Bover with whom she had a large family. She died in February 2020 at the age of 92, leaving a deep mark on Xàbia society.

With the aim of keeping her name alive for future generations, the council has proposed to dedicate a public space to this exemplary local personality with the Department of Culture assigning the name ‘Plaza de Ramona Fernández de Palencia’ to the enclosed square next to the Plaza Celestino Pons and Sabadell in the heart of the historic centre which currently has the name of Plaza del Pintor Sorolla.