Xàbia Traffic Bylaw draft includes introduction of regulated parking in Granadella and Portitxol

The approval of the draft regulations doesn’t meant that regulated parking will be introduced, but that it will give the Council the technical tools to do so if necessary.


Wednesday 24th March 2021 | CARLOS LÓPEZ; translation MIKE SMITH

The local government in Xàbia has released a statement that it is preparing a traffic bylaw in which it is not only “adapting to the current national regulations on the conditions for use of urban roads, but also regulating the distribution of parking spaces … so that they are compatible with the flow of road traffic and the pedestrian use of streets“.

The draft of the bylaw was presented to the opposition parties during a meeting of the Finance Commission on Monday as well as the chief inspector José Antonio Monfort and included first explanations of a document that uses a model of the Alicante Provincial Council’s tax collecting body, Suma Gestión Tributaria.

One of the issues that has been included is the return of regulated parking in Xàbia, (technically known as ‘ORA’, a system that was established around the historic centre and the port a few years ago). According to this first draft, the implementation of this service is to be included in two sensitive areas for tourists: La Granadella and Portitxol. Specifically, the document lists Calle Pic Tort (Granadella) and Calle Truita and Carrer de la Barraca (Portitxol).

The draft also lists streets in the port area, such as Avenida Jaime I and Calle Sevilla, but doesn’t mention any specific road in the historic centre or the Arenal zone, where there has been speculation of regulated parking being introduced in Avenida de la Libertad and the parking zones (currently closed) between the commercial blocks.

In addition, the bylaw leaves “several types of pre-established regulated parking” to be able to respond to different needs that may arise and guarantee the rotation of car-parks.

It also establishes the general system of two hours maximum in the “blue zone” and others for a shorter duration or “express” (with a maximum of one hour) that would be introduced in very specific points in the town where a considerable turnover is to be encouraged. It also established another type of long-term parking more focused on applying only in the summer in those areas.

The draft also refers to the creation of green zones and those reserved for accredited residents who have been issued with a card that will be provided by the Council.

Councillor Pepa Gisbert (Citizen Security) explained in the statement that the bylaw provides “the regulatory framework in case it is decided to introduce regulated parking in any area of the municipality. Its approval does not imply that any blue or regulated zone will be established, only that the Council will have the technical tools to do so if it decides“.

The regulations will also reflect general traffic regulations, differentiating between pedestrians, motor vehicles and bicycles whilst including, for the first time, personal or urban mobility vehicles such as scooters.

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