Marina Alta education personnel will begin vaccination on March 26

The new timetable has been confirmed after the brief suspension due to concerns over the AstraZena vaccine.

Wednesday 24th March 2021 | XÀBIA AL DÍA; translation MIKE SMITH

The regional health ministry has confirmed that the vaccination of personnel in education centres across the Marina Alta will begin on Friday 26th March at the Centro Llunàtics in Dénia.

This is the new timetable developed by the authorities after the suspension last week due to the concerns over the effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Now that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has confirmed that the Anglo-Swedish vaccine is safe, backed up by the Spanish Medicines Agency (AEM), the regional government announced that it would resume its administration.

Thus, all educational personnel will receive the vaccine on March 26th, 27th, 31st and April 1st, at times which will be – in principle – compatible with their teaching activity. On Friday 26th, vaccination will take place during the afternoon and evening between 1.00pm and 8.00pm. On Saturday 27th, it will take place all day between 8.00am and 9.00pm whilst on Wednesday 31st (Miércoles Santo), the vaccine will be administered between 3.00pm and 9.00pm. Finally, on Thursday 1st (Jueves Santo), the vaccination will take place between 8.00am and 3.00pm.

Update: 25/03/2021

Friday 26th March
15:00 – Centre Públic FPA
15:30 – IES Antonio Llidó (50%)
16:00 – IES Antonio Llidó (50%)
16:30 – Centre Priv. Ed. Inf. 1er Cicle Miniairons
19:00 – CEIP Port de Xàbia

Saturday 27th March
11:00 – CEIP Mediterrània
11:30 – Centre Priv. Ed. Inf. 1er Cicle Caragolets
11:30 – Centre Priv. Ed. Inf. 1er Cicle El Riuet
17:00 – CEIP Graüll
17:30 – CEIP Trenc d’Alba
19:30 – Conservatori Professional de Mùsica

Wednesday 31st March
15:00 – IES Número 1 (50%)
15:30 – IES Número 1 (50%)
18:30 – CEIP L’Arenal
18:30 – Escola Infantil Municipal L’Oroneta

Thursday 1st April
08:30 – Centre Estranger Xàbia International College
11:00 – Centre Privat María Inmaculada

202,399 people have received both doses of the vaccine in the Comunidad Valenciana

The Valencian Ministry of Health has reported that, as of Tuesday 23rd, a total of 571, 591 doses have been administered: 68,034 in the province of Castellón, 200,997 in the province of Alicante, and 302,650 in the province of València. In total, 202,399 people have received the two required doses for maximum immunisation.

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