The service offers a hop-on, hop-off route visiting all three centres of Xàbia.

With Easter approaching, the tourist train is back on the streets, providing an enjoyable and sustainable option to travel between the three nuclei of Xàbia: the historic centre, the Arenal beach and the port zone.

The service usually operates over the Easter period, during the summer months (June to September) and during the Christmas holidays. Keep an eye out for service updates.

The Route

The tourist train has six stops along an 8 kilometre route which takes about 45 minutes to complete. With the same ticket, passengers can hop on or hop off at any of the stops along the route, providing an opportunity to visit each urban centre (let the driver know).

The Stops

Stop 1: Avenida Jaume I, next to the promenade of Playa de la Grava (Port)
Stop 2: Avenida Alicante, in front of the car-park for Restaurante Trinquet (Historic Centre)
Stop 3: Placeta del Convent (Historic Centre)
Stop 4: Canal de la Fontana (Arenal Beach)
Stop 5: Big Car-Park (Arenal Beach)
Stop 6: Canal de la Fontana (Arenal Beach)

The Timetable

At the moment, the route starts at the Port at 11.00am and operates three services before stopping for lunch, and four services in the afternoon and evening. The service will be expanded in the summer to include more services and we will update this timetable as necessary.

The Prices

The price for a round trip is 5 euros for adults and 3 euros for children – cash only. Tickets are valid only for the day that they are issued.