The addition of these new officers brings to total complement of the local police force to 60.

Eight new police officers have joined the local force in Xàbia this week, incorporated into the service in a special event in the plenary town at the town hall in the presence of mayor Rosa Cardona, the councillor responsible for Public Safety, Juan Ortolá, the councillor responsible for Personnel, Enrique Escrivà, and the chief superintendent of the Policía Local, José Antonio Monfort.

Monfort explained that the addition of new eight officers will allow the local police force to recover a “proactive presence” in the streets of Xàbia, providing patrols in the three urban centres of Duanes, Arenal and the historic centre. He confirmed that these new officers will bring the number of available personnel to 60.

Councillor Escrivà (Personnel) added that the incorporation of the new officers is an example of the commitment of the tripartite local government (PP·CPJ·Vox) to improve public safety in Xàbia, in addition to improving police salaries which came into effect in December 2023. He claimed that the result of this commitment is an improvement in staffing since the municipality will become an attractive option for police officers from other areas to come and work here.

Councillor Ortolà (Public Safety) stressed that the local government team is aware that the only way for Xàbia to be safer is to put more police on the street and added that it is intended to continue providing the necessary personnel in order that the local police force can provide all the services that the municipality demands.

Mayor Rosa Cardona highlighted the “silent work” of the Personnel Department over the past nine months to reach this point, thanking councillor Escrivà and the council team. She said that “in all the meetings with residents, they ask me about public safety and I have committed to responding to that. We have had to fight, study and work the impossible to achieve a decent salary for our police officers”.

She called on the new officers to “learn from their veteran colleagues” and to comply with the key principle of the Policía Local de Xàbia in being a proximity security force. She said that she wanted them to be “very close to your residents and to help them in every way that you can so that they fell safe and cared for”.