Xàbia shows its charity in food collection during Jesús Nazareno

Volunteers collected some 700kg of food from people who donated after shopping at supermarkets in Xàbia.

Thursday 6th May 2021 – ÁLVARO MONFORT with Mike Smith

For many years, Xàbia fiestas have been a perfect vehicle to encourage the charitable side of residents and the organising committees always include events in their programmes which motivates the altruistic nature of the town through various causes that benefit the charity work carried out by different local groups.

During this year’s symbolic celebrations which honoured the town’s treasured images of Jesús Nazareno included two such activities: the traditional blood donation to support the Comunidad Valenciana’s Blood Transfusion Centre took place on Wednesday 21st April when 43 useful donations were obtained from the 50 people who attended the health centre, three of them donating for the first time.

The second was the collection of food to meet the supply needs of Caritas and Cruz Roja de Xàbia on Saturday 24th April in which volunteers accepted donations at the doors of the main supermarkets in the town, collecting a total of 700kg of food and 350 hygiene items.