Xàbia recognises Spanish handball champions

The Infantil team of Club Hanbdol Xàbia triumphed over Barcelona.

Monday 7th August 2023
Mike Smith

The young players of the Infantil team representing Club Handbol Xàbia received the recognition of the town hall on Friday evening after the triumph in the Spanish Championships.

Laura Escudero León, Inés Castelló Cholbi, Àfrica Cruanyes Parra, Rocío Sola Mirion, Allegra Cruanyes Valdés, Carmen Alberola, Teresa Font Pedrós, Irene Mayor Aranda, Julia Alemany Carrió, Martina Sapena Vidal, Michelle Rico along with their coaches Elena Hierro, Pep Hierro and Pedro García were received by mayoress Rosa Cardona and Sports Councillor Toni Molina.

Martina Cardona spoke a few words on behalf of the team, but not before thanking the families for their support as well as Elena and Pep Hierro, the coaches. “We are a team that has shown what we want and that we help each other, we give everything on the field and this year will be unforgettable for all of us, we have reached something that we did not expect even in our wildest dreams. I hope that next season we will all meet again.”

Coach Elena Hierro stressed that winning the Spanish Championship was “the result of hours and hours of work, sacrifice, passion and humility” of the team. She acknowledged that the season that has ended “has been a dream” which would not have been possible “without your hours, dedication and enthusiasm“. Finally, she stressed that “we have many things left to achieve“.

The club president Carol Cholbi emphasized that, despite the team’s young age, “you have shown us to be great, strong and brave” which has allowed them to claim the 2023 Spanish Championship, a milestone that qualified as “a dream come true“. She expressed her gratitude to the club’s coaches “who have made what has been achieved today possible” and to the main sponsor of the team, Electrobombas Jávea.

Mayoress Rosa Cardona described the team as “heroines” for having reached the highest point in the Spanish Championship after beating Barcelona in the final and refered specifically to some of the girls on the team who are not from Xàbia (they come from Altea, Alicante and Elda) but played “as if they were“.

Ella Cardona highlighted the “work and dedication” of the board of directors and especially Pep Hierro and recognized that Juanlu Cardona (who is a councilor) informed her of all the needs of Club Handbol Xàbia.

Finally, the mayoress hoped to “be able to fill the plenary hall many more times” because it will mean that “we celebrate many more of your triumphs“.