Xàbia offers flowers to the treasured image of Jesús Nazareno

The traditional flower offering returned after cancellation in 2020 and a symbolic offering in 2021.

Tuesday 3rd May 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: original article – Álvaro Monfort (Xàbia AL DÍA)

As every May 2, the residents of Xàbia have once again covered its treasured image of Jesús Nazareno with flowers. If the wonderful floral monuments of the May crosses were not enough, a multitude of xabieros and xabieras returned to the streets of the historic centre in what is the first “normal” flower offering in two years. In 2021, a symbolic celebration took place which was attended by all those residents who wished it.

Despite the threat of rain, the weather held up and the offering was able to take place as normal. The parade started again in the Plaza Marina Alta and ran along Calle Príncipe de Asturias to the Placeta del Convent, Calle Doctor Borrull, Calle Virgen de la Soledad, Calle Jesús Nazareno, Calle Mayor, Carrer Llotgeta, Carrer Roques and Plaza Celestino Pons to the Plaça de l’Esglèsia and the interior of historic fortress-church of San Bartolomé.

The procession was led by some of the youngest ‘quintadas’ in the municipality. Most of them in the arms of their parents or processing like little kings and queens in their pushchairs. They were followed by the boys and girls who make up the Sunday School groups of San Bartolomé.

Numerous festive commissions also took part, such as Santa Llúcia, Sant Sebastià, Moros i Cristians, the Quintadas 2020, 2021 and 2022, and the Sant Joan Fogueres Commission and the Mare de Déu de Loreto Fiesta Commission. All of them with their current representatives at the head. Finally, the Cofradía de Jesús Nazareno brought up the rear with the Mayorales 2022 and their families at the helm and then the municipal authorities.

Today, May 3 is a local bank holiday. The great day of Jesús Nazareno is celebrated and at noon there will be a solemn Mass sung by Ars Nova, then the deafening mascletà and in the evening, the procession of the La Subida, when the treasured image is carried back to the blue-domed chapel of Calvario, followed by the fireworks which bring the whole fiesta to an end.

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