Xàbia museum will exhibit the “Bacus de Miraflor”

The piece was located among the remains of the reform of a house in Els Poblets.

Wednesday 12th July 2023
Mike Smith

The Soler Blasco Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Xàbia will soon be exhibiting the ‘Bacus de Miraflor’, a fragmented piece of white marble sculpture from the Roman era.

The piece, which is in the process of being cleaned and restored, is about 48 centimetres high and weighs 25 kilos, and is of a figure of a young athletic man, of which only the body remains. The sculpture was discovered in May 2021 by Josep Andrés, a resident of Els Poblets, who found it among the remains of a reform work of a traditional house on Calle Sant Josep de Miraflor.

The sculpture appears to be a representation of the Roman god Bacus / Dionis, as the characteristics of the figure and the animal skin that hangs from one of the young man’s muscles seem to indicate. At least that is the opinion of Ferran Arasa, professor at the University of Valencia, who is studying the image alongside other experts.