AMJASA installs two drinking fountains of the Arenal promenade

The two fountains have been installed at either end of the promenade and have been adapted for children and pets.

Wednesday 12th July 2023
Mike Smith

The municipal water company AMJASA has installed two fountains on Paseo del Tenis David Ferrer in the Arenal in order to offer a drinking water service to all residents, bathers, tourists and general visitors.

The fountains are located at either end of the promenade, next to the tourist office at one end, and by the large car-park at other end. One has been designed to provide drinking water for children whilst the other has a low tap for the use by pets.

Both AMJASA and Xàbia Council appeal for the responsible use of these two resources as well as those across the rest of the municipality whilst also calling for the responsible use of drinking water in the home and business to ensure supply through the hot summer.