Work finally begins on municipal swimming pool complex

Without much fuss, contractors have begun removing the asphalt surface of the plot where the new infrastructure will be built

Tuesday 14th September 2021 – CARLOS LOPEZ with Mike Smith

Xabia Council has reported that work on the municipal swimming pool complex has finally begun this week. Photos provided by the mayor’s office show the mayor Jose Chulvi and councillor Alberto Tur (Sports) visiting the site as machinery begins the job of removing the asphalt surface of the open space behind the sports pavilion in the port.

The 4.67 million euro project is being carried out by Contratos Vilor which is contracted to complete the construction of the complex in 26 months which means that, all going well, the project will be finished by November 2023.

XAD has visited the site and been able to verify that it has been suitably marked off and some of the adjacent parking spaces have been removed. Such is the rush to begin this long-awaited project, the company has yet to put the necessary security measures in place, such as posters, nor has it set up a site office. According to the specifications of the contract, the company will have to consider special control over the environment and the affects of the construction work on it.

The Swimming Pool

The complex will have a total area of just over 3,000 square metres with two swimming pools, a main basin 25m x 12.5m and a secondary basin of 12.5m x 10m. There will be a three row grandstand along the main pool for competitions as well as changing rooms for teams and small cafeteria.

Another project starts … as others remain stalled

The start of the municipal swimming pool project comes as two other big projects remain stalled: the municipal auditorium, on which building work has been suspended for more than a year, and the creation of a new industrial estate, which doesn’t yet have a contracted company after the previous winning bid pulled out of the project.

Image of the interior of the future auditorium of Xàbia.