“We are very happy because the prize has been won by people from the town and regular customers”

The 800,000 euros total prize fund has been won by holders of the number sold by the Casa de Andalusia, amongst others.

Tuesday 20th September 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: Carlos López (XAD)

On Saturday night, lady luck shone brightly on Xàbia when the number 56354 claimed second prize in the Lotería Nacional. The owner of the Administración de Loterías Número 2 de Xàbia on Ronda Norte where the number was sold, José Antonio Martínez, has expressed his joy for the win since the prize will be claimed by “townspeople and regular customers.” In total, the prize money amounts to some 800,000 euros.

The famous drums of the national lottery dropped out five numbers with touches of flamenco since 56354 is a number that Casa de Andalucía, the organisation that represents the Andalusian community in the town, has sold for more than 25 years. The holder of each small ticket, known as a décimo, will receive 12,000 euros. In addition, there are also other anonymous residents who have also bought this number. In many houses, this 800,000 euros will help to overcome the post-summer crunch.

Martínez told Xàbia al Día that, before the closure of the lottery office in the old town and after the draw, they review the numbers. But this Saturday was different, one of the ticket holders had come down to the office. He said that he had checked it several times and confirmed: he had won the second prize. Martinéz continued: “I called the president of the Casa de Andalucía to give him the news. Antonio Rodríguez was on a trip to the Canary Islands”. He added that the president comes in every week to collect the tickets and then distributes them (as tradition, a small percentage on top of the ticket price helps raise funds for the association). It is hidden work that has now been rewarded.

The total prize fund of 800,000 euros is the largest that Martínez has given, who together with his wife have run the administration of the Ronda Norte for almost ten years. Like other businesses, they struggled during the pandemic but determined to continue as best they could. This win has given them a great lift and plenty of joy: “it is the best feeling we can have”.

And now how does one claim the prize?

Martínez has explained that the residents who have hold this number can go to the BBVA, Bankia or Sabadell offices to claim the prize and has insisted that there is no need to pay anything in tax – for the moment – as it is not paid for prizes less than 40,000 euros. (On the other hand, at Christmas and for El Niño, tax is paid from 2,500 euros).