VIRUS UPDATE: Xàbia records just one new positive case since last Friday

The 14-day IA rate drops to 7.25, a decrease of 86%, and the lowest rate for since last August.

Tuesday 16th March 2021 | MIKE SMITH

This is the latest information on the status of the health situation in Xàbia, the Marina Alta, the Comunidad Valenciana and across Spain.

For more information, please refer to the links given at the bottom of the page as our report is compiled from the official figures given in these sources.


Xàbia has seen new positive case detected by PCR test reported since the last update on Tuesday 9th, taking the total to 1,419 positive cases detected in Xàbia since the pandemic began. There has been no deaths since the last update, the total remains at 11. The IA rate for the town has dropped below the symbolic 25 mark as downward trend continues.

Latest Data (14/03/2021)
14-Day Cumulative Rate (IA): 7.25  86% in two weeks
Positive PCR Tests in the past 14 days: 2  86% in two weeks

Marina Alta

The Dénia Health Authority, which covers the Marina Alta region, has recorded 11 new infections detected by PCR test since the last update, bringing the total to 9,662 positive cases since the crisis began. The 14-day IA rate has fallen below the symbolic 25 mark and the Marina Alta currently has the lowest rate for the whole of the Comunidad Valenciana.

The new infections have been reported in the following municipalities:

  • Calp – 2
  • Dénia – 2
  • Teulada – 2
  • El Vergel – 1
  • Ondara – 1
  • Pedreguer – 1
  • Pego – 1
  • Xàbia – 1

There has been 1 new death since the last update, in Dénia, and the total is now 185 since the crisis began.

Latest Data (14/03/2021)
14-Day Cumulative Rate (IA): 14.56  76% in two weeks
Positive PCR Tests in the past 14 days: 25  76% in two weeks

Comunidad Valenciana

As of 15/03/2021, 87 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed through PCR or antigen tests; by province, the distribution of these new cases is 15 in Castellón, 48 in Valencia, and 24 in Alicante. In total, 383,192 positive cases have been recorded in the Comunidad Valenciana. There are currently 4 unassigned cases.


There have been a total of 16 new outbreaks of the disease across the Comunidad Valenciana, 1 in the province of Castellón, 13 in the province of Valencia and 2 in the province of Alicante, none of which were in the Marina Alta.

The origins of these new outbreaks can be assigned as follows:

  • 100% social

Active Cases

The data shows that there are currently 4,557 active cases of COVID-19 in the Comunidad Valenciana, with represents 1.15% of the total number of positives cases recorded.


There have been 10 deaths from COVID-19, bringing the total for the Comunidad Valenciana to 6,997 people; by province, the distribution of the deaths is 771 Castellón, 3,595 Valencia, and 2,631 Alicante.


There are 601 people currently in hospitals across the Comunidad Valenciana who are being treated for the COVID-19 infection; by province, the distribution is 36 Castellón with 7 patients in ICU, 297 Valencia with 89 in ICU, and 268 Alicante with 76 in ICU.


382 new recoveries from COVID-19 have been registered; in total, 383,114 people in the Comunidad Valenciana have overcome the disease since the pandemic began.


488,242 doses of the vaccination have been administered throughout the Comunidad Valenciana. A total of 156,977 people have completed the vaccination programme in our region.

Latest IA Rate by Health Authority (14/03/2021)
 up on 14 days ago
 down on 14 days ago
79.12 – Valencia Hospital General  41%
62.60 – Valencia Dr.Peset  54%
56.82 – Alacant Hospital General  62%
56.61 – La Plana  59%
52.33 – Orihuela  50%
51.62 – Sant Joan de l’Alacant  47%
50.11 – Elda  70%
49.75 – Valencia Clinic La Malva Rosa  49%
46.33 – Manises  52%
46.29 – Castelló  65%
45.66 – Valencia Arnau de Vilanova-Llíria  59%
42.52 – Elx  76%
39.40 – Alcoi  49%
35.99 – Xàtiva-Ontinyent  71%
34.66 – Valencia La Fe  70%
30.97 – Elx-Crevillent  73%
29.13 – Requena  57%
29.03 – Torrevieja  59%
28.76 – Sagunt  65%
27.72 – La Ribera  63%
20.25 – Gandía  67%
19.43 – La Marina Baixa  72%
17.62 – Vinaros  75%
14.56 – Dénia  76%


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COVID-19 News Archive – Comunidad Valenciana


As of 15/03/2021, Spain has recorded a total of 3,195,062 cases of COVID-19 infection. The 14-day IA rate1 is 128.97; it has dropped by 27% in the past two weeks. The positivity rate2 has dropped to 5.33%, a drop of 19% in the past two weeks.

There are 8,682 people currently being treated for COVID-19 in hospital, of which 1,843 are in ICU wards. As of 15/03/2021, 6.94% of general wards and 21.04% of ICU beds are occupied by COVID-19 patients.

As of 15/03/2021, 72,424 people have lost their lives to COVID-19.

As of 15/03/2021, 5,644,895 doses of the vaccination have been administered throughout the country – 4,459,254 Pfizer/BioNtech, 246,107 Modena, and 939,107 AstraZeneca/Oxford – representing 84.8% of all vaccines delivered to Spain. A total of 1,693,674 people have completed the two-dose vaccination course with the Pfizer/BioNtech and Modena vaccines, representing 30.0% of vaccines already administered.

Due to growing concerns over side-effects related to blood clotting (CVST), it has been confirmed that the Ministry of Health “considers it prudent to suspend vaccination using the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine from tomorrow (Tuesday 16th) and for the next two weeks“. Around 6 million doses of the vaccine have been administered throughout the European Union; at least 11 cases of CVST have been reported. Spain joins Denmark, Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, France and Italy in suspending the vaccine whilst investigations are opened to evaluate whether the benefits of the vaccine continue to outweigh its risks.

Latest IA Rate by Autonomous Region (11/03/2021)
 up on 14 days ago
 down on 14 days ago
449.78 – Melilla  22%
260.68 – Ceuta  1%
223.08 – Madrid  22%
177.55 – Asturias  10%
173.70 – País Vasco  36%
165.98 – Cataluña  20%
139.70 – Aragón  29%
126.72 – Navarra  3%
122.41 – Andalucia  30%
120.23 – Canarias  16%
107.52 – Castilla y León  37%
95.00 – Cantabria  32%
77.34 – La Rioja  6%
76.61 – Galicia  44%
72.26 – Castilla-La Mancha  30%
66.14 – Murcía  33%
55.45 – Extremadura  1%
44.71 – Comunidad Valenciana  60%
42.98 – Baleares  47%


EL PAÍS | 16 Mar 21 | Spain’s cororonavirus incidence rate stabilizes, prompting concerns of future uptick in cases

The 14-day cumulative number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants fell to 128.97 on Monday, the smallest drop recorded since the data point started to come down on January 27.

EL PAÍS | 16 Mar 21 | Spain temporarily suspends use of AstraZeneca vaccine

The move comes after a number of cases of blood clots were reported among people who had received the Covid-19 medication.

EL PAÍS | 15 Mar 21 | Spanish Health Ministry sets out groups of chronically ill who will be next to receive the Covid-19 vaccine

Chemotherapy patients, transplant recipients and those on dialysis are among the groups that will be prioritized given their high mortality risk from the coronavirus.

EL PAÍS | 15 Mar 21 | Covid-19 vaccines for UK nationals in Spain – what the British Embassy says

Foreign residents who are already registered in the public health system should be contacted by their regional health services when their jabs are due, the diplomatic service advises.

Data Explanation

1 The IA rate is the number of new cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 inhabitants over the past 14 days. It is considered the most accurate measure of the spread of the virus. A rate above 250 indicates an ‘Extreme Risk’ that the infection is spreading. The aim of the Spanish government is to lower this rate to 25.

2 The positivity rate refers to the percentage of all COVID-19 tests carried out which have come back positive. A high figure means that it doesn’t take many tests to come across a positive result.

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