VIRUS UPDATE: Valencia records 335 new positives, 135 of which are in Alicante

Hospital occupancy by those suffering from COVID-19 has reduced by over 50%.

Report: 28/02/2021 Comunidad Valenciana

335 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed through PCR or antigen tests; by province, the distribution of these new cases is 32 in Castellón, 168 in Valencia, and 135 in Alicante. In total, 378,604 positive cases have been recorded in the Comunidad Valenciana. There is currently 1 unassigned case.


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Active Cases

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There are 1,096 people currently in hospitals across the Comunidad Valenciana who are being treated for the COVID-19 infection; by province, the distribution is 102 Castellón with 20 patients in ICU, 508 Valencia with 130 in ICU, and 486 Alicante with 130 in ICU.


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Information Source
Press Release – Generalitat Valenciana