Valencia will grant 105 million euros in aid for companies, self-employed and workers in ERTE

Archive Foto: One of the streets of Port zone with businesses closed, in an image captured during a state of alarm in April.

Friday 29th January 2021 | ALBAVO MONFORT (Xàbia AL DIA)

The Generalitat Valenciana will have a new line of direct aid for companies, the self-employed and workers in ERTE situations, amounting to a total of 105 million euros, a measure forming part the Plan Resistir that aims to support the sectors most affected by the economic crisis caused from COVID-19.

According to the regional government, this new financial package is intended to mitigate three fronts. The first consists of granting an amount similar to that of Social Security contributions to more than 180,000 beneficiaries, including workers, 44,000 self-employed owners and 22,000 companies belonging to the tourism, catering and hospitality and leisure and culture sectors; 80 million euros has been allocated. The self-employed and companies will be granted an amount of 600 euros for each of their workers up to a ceiling of 12,000 euros regardless of the size of the company.

As for the second type of aid, this will consist of direct aid for the self-employed most affected by the restrictions. The Generalitat will complement the extraordinary aid from the State that was granted in December to 26,000 Valencian self-employed and will distribute 8 million euros among those who received the Social Security benefit on December 31. Specifically, the Generalitat will increase the benefit received with two monthly payments of 150 euros.

Finally, the third of the actions in this line consists of direct aid to workers who continue in ERTE. 17 million euros will be allocated to all of them. According to the regional government, these aids complement the benefit they already receive from Social Security with a total of 300 euros, as long as they are in a situation of total ERTE in the month of January or February.

In this way, it is expected to benefit the approximately 48,000 workers who were in ERTE during last December and to which those affected by the restrictions established on January 7 may join.

These grants represent one of the four sections in which the Plan Resistir is articulated. The other three correspond to new financial instruments of the Valencian Institute of Finance (endowed with 100 million), the municipal cooperation fund for the management of the Paréntesis aid (160 million euros) and subsidies of 15 million for sectors such as artisans, taxi drivers and the leisure sector who have suffered sustained damage during the pandemic.

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