Valencia launches new Bono Viaje campaign for 2022

Discounts of 50% available, up to a maximum of 400 euros for stays of between 2 and 4 nights, and 60% up to a maximum of 600 euros for stays of 5 or more nights.

Tuesday 14th December 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, has announced the launch of a new edition of the ‘Comunidad Valenciana Bono Viaje‘ which will be active from next Monday 20th December and will offer discounts of 50% on breaks of two to four nights in duration, up to a maximum of 400 euros, and 60% on breaks of five or more nights, up to a maximum of 600 euros.

The new campaign was launched after a meeting of the monitoring commission of the ‘Comunidad Valenciana Bono Viaje’ initiative during which the results of the 2020-21 edition was assessed by the regional tourism secretary, Francesc Colomer, along with representatives of the tourism sector in the region.

The second edition will have an initial budget of 15 million euros, in addition to the 17 million euros assigned for the 2020-21 edition, and is expected to increase the number of available discounts. The initial campaign benefited some 120,000 people, encouraged 40,000 reservations, and included 1,539 member tourism companies.

The president said that the initiative, which was initially launched in October 2020 to re-activate tourism in the region, has been “without a doubt, positive” for the recovery of the tourism sector and the seasonal adjustment of tourism. He insisted that the sector was facing the pandemic with “enormous strength” despite the “enormous difficulties” caused by the health crisis.

He added that tourism in the Comunidad Valenciana is “safe” and has encouraged citizens of the autonomous region to participate in an initiative that will not only help economic recovery but also promote emotional recovery.

He said that the new edition includes a number of interesting incentives to promote a seasonally adjusted tourist demand and that it seeks to “add positive synergies” in a key sector for the economy of the Comunidad Valenciana and stressed that the it will prioritize long-stays to promote trips that go beyond the weekend.

Features of the Second Edition of the ‘Bono Viaje’

Those interested in requesting a discount voucher will be able to do so from 10.00 am on Monday 20th December and throughout its duration, which ends in December 2022.

Individuals of legal age who are up to date with their tax obligations, who are registered as resident in a municipality of the Comunidad Valenciana, who request enrollment in the initiative within the covered period and who formalize their reservation of tourist services may be beneficiaries within a period of 10 calendar days from the day after the travel voucher is made available.

Each person may only be the beneficiary of a single voucher within the period of validity of the initiative, which will allow a greater number of citizens to apply.

Likewise, enrollment in the initiative will be carried out exclusively electronically at the Generalitat Valenciana’s electronic headquarters, through the procedure created for this purpose. For this, two procedures must be carried out. The first one is a request for a prior appointment to register (this step does not require an electronic signature) and the second is to complete the registration, for which an electronic certificate and signature are required.

If the second procedure is carried out within the allotted time interval, the system will roll back the registration date to the moment the first procedure was completed.

This improvement with respect to the 2020-2021 edition will allow the process of participation of the Valencian citizens in the 2022 travel voucher to be managed more quickly and with guarantees and, with it, the issuance of vouchers from the first moment, since the advantage is given to the registered person to directly consult their position on the waiting list, which offers more guarantees, more agility and more transparency for users and member tourism companies.

The participation of tourist accommodation and travel agencies to the 2022 initiative may also be made from December 20th 2021 and until the end of the initiative, in December of next year.

Specifically, the tourist services subject to aid will be provided within one of the following two periods: from January 17th 2022 to May 31st 2022 and from September 19th 2022 to December 23rd 2022.

The provincial councils may participate through their annual budgets or the budgets of the public bodies dependent on them. The additional contributions will be articulated through the corresponding collaboration agreements with Turisme or with adhesion agreements.