Valencia grants Xàbia 38,000 euros for expenses of the floods in Arenal over Easter 2019

The regional government is providing slightly less than 800,000 euros to be distributed among the towns that were affected by the savage storm.

Thursday 5th August 2021 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

The Generalitat Valenciana has handed a bit of new joy to Xàbia this week in the form of grant to help to alleviate the extraordinary expense caused by the different storms that have affected the region in recent years.

Overall, the regional government is providing slightly less than 800,000 euros to be distributed among the towns that were affected by the savage storm that struck parts of the region over Easter 2019.

In Xàbia, extremely heavy rain caused the complete flooding on Avenida de la Libertad in the Arenal zone between Avenida del Arenal and Avenida Tamarits. A hundred cars were trapped and two huge pumps from the Valencian Emergency Response Agency to drain away the huge amount of water that had collected.

Xàbia Council faced a series of extraordinary expenses after the storm of 2019 and now, almost 2½ years later, the Generalitat Valenciana has confirmed that it will be compensated with an amount of 38,907 euros. Elsewhere in the Marina Alta, Dénia will receive 30,253 euros, Ondara 8,392 euros, and Sanet i Negrals 30,859 euros.

According to the resolution published on the Official Gazette of the Comunidad Valenciana (DOGV), the grants must be used to pay for “damages caused to property and infrastructure owned by the municipality. The amount of funding may be up to 100% of the value of the damage caused specifically by the storm. The expenses attributable to this aid may include, in addition to paying for the repair work itself, the cost of drafting a repair project, managing and directing the project, and processing the project, which is proportional to the work being carried out, which as a whole cannot exceed the aid granted. The infrastructure for the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy and telecommunications are excluded.

Also included are the “extraordinary expenses” that the town councils incurred through making of emergency repairs as a matter of urgency immediately after the storm, provided that those repairs were aimed at ensuring the continued operation of essential public services to guarantee the life and safety of the population. In this case, the amount of aid provided can be 100% of the value of the emergency work actually carried out. However, work carried out which used the local council’s own means, whether it be material, such as machinery, tools, etc. or human, understood as being the personnel hired before the storm, are excluded, as are any personnel expenses generated by firefighters, local police, civil protection, and others of a similar nature.

This funding coincides with that of the Ministry of Territorial Policy which has contributed another 100,000 euros for the repair of the Arenal promenade after Storm Gloria in January 2020.